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Module Reading List

Buddhism: A Lived Tradition, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Martin Seeger
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Rahula, Walpola, What the Buddha taught, London : Wisdom, 1990

Recommended reading

Carrithers, Michael, The Buddha, Oxford : Oxford University Press, 1983

Collins, Steven, Nirvana : concept, imagery, narrative, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010.

Cook, Joanna, 2010, Meditation in modern Buddhism : renunciation and change in Thai monastic life, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Gombrich, Richard, What the Buddha thought, London: Equinox, 2009.

McDaniel, Justin, The Lovelorn Ghost and the Magical Monk : Practicing Buddhism in Modern Thailand, New York: Columbia University Press, 2011.

Meinert, Carmen and Hans-Bernd Zoellner (eds.), 2010, Buddhist approaches to human rights : dissonances and resonances, Bielefeld: transcript Verlag.

Mohr, Thea and Jampa Tsedroen (eds.), 2010, Dignity & discipline : reviving full ordination for Buddhist nuns, Boston: Wisdom Publications.

Prapod Assavavirulhakarn, 2010, The ascendancy of Theravada Buddhism in Southeast Asia, Chiang Mai: Silkworm Books.

Salgado, Nirmala S. 2013,Buddhist nuns and gendered practice : in search of the female renunciant, New York : Oxford University Press.

Swearer, Donald, The Buddhist World of Southeast Asia, Albany: Suny Press, 1995

Williams, Paul, Buddhist thought : a complete introduction to the Indian tradition, London : Routledge, 2000

Internet resources

Grant Olson: Thai Buddhism:  

Access to Insight:

Buddha dharma education association inc.:

Journal of Buddhist Ethics:   

Suan Mokh: The Garden of Liberation

Buddhist Scriptures Information Retrieval:

 ‘The Bud­dhist Dis­ci­pline in Rela­tion to Bhikkhu­nis: Ques­tions & Answers: Phra Payutto & Dr. Mar­tin Seeger’#

Phra Payutto's Buddhadhamma in English

Translations of Buddhist Texts

The book of the discipline (Vinaya-pitaka). Vol.1, Suttavibhanga, Translated with Introduction by I.B. Horner, London : Published for the Pali Text Society by Luzac & Co., 1970

The book of the discipline (Vinaya-pitaka). Vol.2, Suttavibhanga, Translated with Introduction by I.B. Horner, London : Published for the Pali Text Society by Luzac & Co., 1969

The book of the discipline (Vinaya-pitaka). Vol.3, Suttavibhanga, Translated with Introduction by I.B. Horner, London : Published for the Pali Text Society by Luzac & Co., 1969

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The book of the discipline (Vinaya-pitaka). Vol.5, Cullavagga Translated with Introduction by I.B. Horner, London : Luzac & Co., 1963

Atthasalini by Buddhaghosa. Edited and translated by P.V. Bapat and R.d. Badekar. Poona: Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, 1942.

Kathavatthu. C.A. F. Rhys Davids (trans.), Points of controversy or, Subjects of discourse : being a translation of the Katha-Vatthu from the Abhidhamma-Pitaka, London : Published for the Pali Text Society by Oxford University Press, 1915

Dhammapada-atthakatha (Buddhaghosa). Eugene Watson Burlingame (trans.), Buddhist legends, translated from the original Pali text of the Dhammapada commentary, by Eugene Watson Burlingame , London, Published for the Pali Text Society by Luzac, 1969

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Anguttara Nikaya. E.M. Hare and F.L. Woodward (trans.) The book of the gradual sayings (Anguttara-nikaya) or more-numbered suttas , Oxford : Pali Text Society, 1932-6

Jataka. E.B. Cowell and et al (trans.) The J¯ataka; or, Stories of the Buddha's former births, London, Published for the Pali Text Society by Luzac & Comp., 1969

Milindapanha. Isaline B. Horner (trans.). Milinda's questions. Translated from the Pali, by I. B. Horner , London, Luzac, 1964



Additional texts

Anderson, Benedict, The fate of rural Hell : asceticism and desire in Budhist Thailand, London: Seagull Books, 2012.

Bond, George D., The word of the Buddha : the Tipitaka and its interpretation in Theraveda Buddhism, Colombo : Gunasena, 1982

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