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Module Reading List

Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics, 2021/22, Semester 2
Prof Doug Parker
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Probably the best book to accompany this module would be

This book is very comprehensive and would serve you well if you continue to study this field at higher levels. Other classics are

However, these tend to be more suitable to postgraduate study, and the mathematics can be hard. Some simpler treatments appear as small sections of more general Atmospheric and Oceanic textbooks (such as McIlveen, or Andrews listed below), or at the start of books on dynamical meteorology (e.g. Lynch and Cassano or Martin below).

There are also very many books on fluid dynamics, distributed in the Maths, Physics and Mech Eng sections of the library. Mech Eng books are less useful for this course, as they seem to focus mainly on flow round bends in pipes. The following are all useful for parts of the module.

If you get stuck on the vector mathematics, there are lots of textbooks containing the words `mathematical' and `methods'. The following classic is particular useful:

Other books that you might find useful for maths revision include

These kinds of science / engineering maths books tend to focus on how to do the maths without worrying as much about proof - ideal for this kind of course. Also A-level notes or textbooks and notes from 1st year maths course are likely to be useful.


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