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Reading List with Library Link

Volcanic Processes, 2021/22, Semester 1
Prof Jurgen Neuberg
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


Encyclopedia of volcanoes  

This is a wonderful book, with articles on every possible aspect of volcanoes, including for example volcanoes in films! For this course, there are several articles in it which are very usefull at an advanced level. There are nine copies in the EBL, and one in the Kennedy Library. 

To access the online copy, you HAVE to go via the library entry for the Encyclopedia, using the above link. Click View this book online, via MyiLibrary, both on- and off-campus. It will take you to a University of Leeds login page, you log in, it validates your User ID and takes you to My I Library..

Volcanoes : a planetary perspective    

This book by Peter Francis (many copies in the EBL) is a scientific general account of volcanoes, which is an excellent introduction, and contains all of the fundamentals you will need for our classes, though it lacks some of the more advanced things we will be dealing with. If you are keen on volcanoes this is very definitely a book to buy. The link takes you to the University Library page.

Volcanic successions : modern and ancient : a geological approach to processes, products and successions - Cas & Wright

This is a classic text describing the various associations of explosive volcanic products. Unlike in the movie "Dante's Peak", volcanoes tend not to exhibit all volcanic features simultaneously, but are in fact dependent on tectonic setting, magma type, and age of volcanic system. This text (now sadly out of print) covers this well.

Active lavas : monitoring and modelling, by Kilburn & Luongo

This text develops the understanding of lava flows, their hazards, mitigation, modelling and general understanding. This is an in-depth version of the similar material (that Chris Kilburn also contributed) to the Encyclopedia of Volcanoes.

Volcanoes in the Sea: the Geology of Hawaii, by Macdonald et al.

Exploring the volcanic geology of Hawaii...

Important papers

Neuberg., J W, Earthquakes, volcanogenic,© Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020
H. K. Gupta (ed.), Encyclopedia of Solid Earth Geophysics, Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series, you HAVE to go via the library entry for the Encyclopedia.   

Cooper, C., Swindles, G., Savov, I.P., Schmidt, A., Bacon, K., 2018. Evaluating the relationship between climate change and volcanism, Earth Science Reviews 177, 238-247.  

USGS InSAR Monitoring Fact Sheet A pdf-format fact sheet on the hows and whats of InSAR monitoring on volcanoes.


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