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SOEE 3470 (general texts)

Plate Tectonics and Geodynamics, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Andrew McCaig
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue
  1. Cox AB and Hart RB (1986) Plate tectonics: how it works Blackwell, 333pp. Main text for the first part of the module, and for plate tectonic driving forces. Because this book covers basic theory it is not out of date - but of course the evidence base is much greater now.. Ten copies in library   Chapters 1 and 2 are core  
  2. Kearey P and Vine FJ (1996) Global tectonics, Blackwell, 333 pp. Readable book, wider in scope than (1), but covering all the material in this part of the module with knowledge up to 1996, so best to refer to the new edition
  3. Kearey, P., Klepeis, K.A. and Vine FJ (2009) Global Tectonics, 3rd edition. 5 copies in student loan collection and also available as an electronic book. Quite up to date but refer to the original sources for details!  
  4. Davies GF (2000) Dynamic earth : plates, plumes and mantle convection CU Press: State of the art 15 years ago, with seismic tomography etc. Quite mathematical, advanced treatment
  5. Davies G.F. (2011) Mantle convection for geologists. CUP: seems to be an updated version of Davies (2000) I have asked for the electronic version to be made available through the library
  6. Cox A (1973) Plate tectonics and geomagnetic reversals : readings Freeman and co. 702 pp. Collection of classic papers, especially McKenzie and Morgan (p122); Atwater (p.583); Sykes (p.332)
  7. Fowler CMR (2005) The Solid Earth (second edition). Mathematical but readable.
  8. White William (2013) Geochemistry. Excellent textbook covering various aspects of subduction zone vulcanism, among other things.

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