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Module Reading List

Seismic Reflection Interpretation and Sequence Stratigraphy, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr Richard Collier
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Seismic Interpretation

Al-Chalabi 2014 Principles of seismic velocities and time-to-depth conversion EAGE Publications

Anstey, N. 1980 Seismic interpretation : the physical aspects IHRDC

Bacon, M., Simm, R. & Redshaw, T. 2003. 3-D seismic interpretation Cambridge University PressĀ 

Badley, N. 1985 Practical seismic interpretation. Reidl Press

Brown, A. 2011. Interpretation of Three-Dimensional Seismic Data 7th ed., AAPG Memoir 42, SEG Investigations in Geophysics, No 9

Hart, B. 2011. Introduction to seismic interpretation, AAPG Discovery Series No 16, AAPG Datapages

Herron, D. (2011) First steps in seismic interpretation . SEG monograph series 16, SEG Publication

Liner, C. 2004 Elements of 3D seismology, PennWell Corp

Background texts:

Robien, E. (2003) Velocities, time-imaging and depth-imaging in reflection seismics : principles and methods . EAGE Publications.

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Sequence Stratigraphy

Main text:

Emery, D. & Myers, K. (eds) 1996. Sequence stratigraphy . Publ. Blackwell Science

Background texts:

Coe, A.L. (ed) The sedimentary record of sea-level change . Publ. Open University/Cambridge University Press.

Allen, P.A. & Allen, J.R. Basin analysis : principles and applications . Publ. Blackwells.

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