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Module Reading List

Nonlinear Dynamics, 2021/22, Semester 1
Jitse Niesen
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue
(1)  P. Glendinning, Stability, instability and chaos : an introduction to the theory of nonlinear differential equations, Cambridge University Press 1994.

Good book to get started on. Covers most of the material, and is written for final year UK undergraduates.
Contains useful examples and exercises, but is not so complete as (2) and (3).

(2) Y.A. Kuznetsov, Elements of Applied Bifurcation Theory, second edition, Springer, 1998.

Kuznetsov contains all the material on ODE's, and develops the ideas further. Really designed for
starting graduate students, but it is clearly written.

(3) J. Guckenheimer and P. Holmes, Nonlinear oscillations, dynamical systems, and bifurcations of vector fields, Springer, 1983 (reprinted with corrections 1986).

Guckenheimer and Holmes contains nearly all the material on ODE's. Written from a more
'Applied' point of view. Good discussions of particular ODE systems.

(4) S.H. Strogatz,Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, Westview Press, 1994.

This is a good introductory book. If you need a refresher on the material in the second year
module MATH2391, this is the book you need. Lots of copies in the library!

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