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Module Reading List

Design Studio 1, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Dr Gerard Duff
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

C McMahon & J Browne CADCAM : principles, practice, and manufacturing management Addison-Wesley 2nd 1998

G Pahl and W Beitz Engineering design : a systematic approach The Design Council 2nd 1995 0-58072-239-X

KT Ulrich and SD Eppinger Product design and development McGraw Hill 1995

Mayall, W.H Principles in design Heinemann, London 1979

Pye D The nature and aesthetics of design The Herbert Press, London 1978

Anne Emblem and Henry Emblem. Packaging prototypes 2 : closures. Crans-Pres-Celigny: RotoVision 2000

Donald A Norman. The design of everyday things. New York: Doublday, 1998

Donald A Norman. The invisible computer : why good products can fail, the personal computer is so complex, and information appliances are the solution Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c1998

Edwards Denison and Guang Yu Ren. Packaging prototypes 3 : thinking green : Thinking Green. Design Fundamentals Series. Crans-Pres-Celigny: RotoVision 2001

Edwards Denison and Richard Cawthray. Packaging prototypes. design Fundamentals series. Crans-Pres-Celigny: RotoVision. 1999

G. Pahl, W. Beitz Engineering design : a systematic approach /; translated by Ken Wallace, Luciënne Blessing, and Frank Bauert ; edited by Ken Wallace.: Springer, c1996.

John Clarkson, Roger Coleman, Simeon Keates and Cherie Lebbon, Inclusive design : design for the whole population. London Springer 2003

Kevin Otto and Kristin Wood Product design : techniques in reverse engineering and new product development Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall, 2001.

Karl T Ulrich, Steven D Eppinger. Product design and development Boston : Irwin/McGraw-Hill, 2000

Nigel Cross Engineering design methods : strategies for product design / Wiley, 2000. Edition 3rd ed.

Patrick W. Jordan. An introduction to usability / London : Taylor & Francis, 1998.

Paul Kunkel Apple design : the work of the Apple Industrial Design Group. New York: Graphis 1997

Paul Kunkel Digital dreams : the work of the Sony Design Center London : Laurence King, 1999

Philips Design. Creating value by design. 2: Facts. London: Lund Humphries  

Stefano Marzano. Creating value by design. 1: thoughts. London: Lund Humphries  

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