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Module Reading List

Aerospace Flight Mechanics, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Dr C A Gilkeson
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

1. Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft (Annual)

2. Stinton, The anatomy of the aeroplane (Collins, 1985)

3. Anderson, Introduction to flight 5th Ed. (McGraw-Hill 2005)

4. Barnes W. McCormick, Aerodynamics, aeronautics, and flight mechanics, ISBN10: 0-471-57506-2 ISBN13: 9780471575061- Hardcover, 1994

5. Houghton and Carruthers, Aerodynamics for engineering students. 3rd Ed.(Arnold 1982)

6. Hale, Introduction to aircraft performance, selection, and design (Wiley, 1987)

7. Etkin, Dynamics of atmospheric flight (Wiley, 1972)

8. Robert Nelson, Flight stability and automatic control, ISBN10: 0070462739 ISBN13: 9780070462735 – Hardcover, 1997

9. Jan Roskam, Airplane flight dynamics and automatic flight controls I-II, ISBN10: 1-884885-03-9 ISBN13: 9781884885037; 2-Part Set

10. USAF stability and control datcom

11. Dynamics of atmospheric re-entry, AIAA Education Series Hardcover, ISBN: 1-56347-048-9, 1993

12. Orbital mechanics, Second Edition AIAA Education Series Hardcover, ISBN: 1-56347-179-5, 1996

13. Space vehicle dynamics and control [electronic resource], AIAA Education Series Hardcover, ISBN: 1-56347-261-9, 1998

14. Orbital mechanics, John E. Prussing, Bruce A. Conway, Oxford Uni Press, ISBN: 0-19-507834-9, 1993

15. Fundamentals of astrodynamics, R.R. Bate,et al., Dover Publications, ISBN: 0486600610, 1971.

16. Introduction to space dynamics, W.T Thomson, Dover Publications, ISBN: 0486651134, 1986.

17. Mechanics of Flight, A.C Kermode, 11th Edition, Pearson Prentice Hall, ISBN: 1-405-82359-3

18. Aircraft performance and design, J.D Anderson Jr, McGraw Hill, ISBN: 0-07-116010-8

19. Aircraft flight : a description of the physical principles of aircraft flight, R.H Barnard and D.R Philpot, 2nd Edition, Longman, ISBN: 0-582-23656-8

20. Fundamentals of Aerodynamics, J.D Anderson Jr, McGraw Hill, ISBN: 0-07-001656-9

21. A history of aerodynamics and its impact on flying machines, J.D Anderson Jr, Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 978-0-521-66955-9

22. Aerodynamics [electronic resource] : selected topics in the light of their historical development, T. Von Karman, Dover Publications, ISBN:  978-0486434858

23. From low-speed aerodynamics to astronautics, T. Von Karman, Pergamon Press, 

24. Theory of wing sections : including a summary of airfoil data, I.H Abbott and A.E Von Doenhoff, Theory of Wing Sections, Dover Publications, ISBN 0-486-60586-8

25.  Smithsonian atlas of space exploration.  Roger D. Launius & Andrew K. Johnston. ISBN13: 9780061565267, 2009.

26. Robotic exploration of the solar system Part 1: The Golden Age 1957-1982, P Ulivi and D M Harland, ISBN13: 978-0387493268, 2007. 

27. Robotic exploration of the solar system Part 2: Hiatus and Renewal 1983-1996, P Ulivi and D M Harland, ISBN13: 978-0387789040, 2009.

28. Robotic exploration of the solar system Part 3: Wows and Woes 1997-2003, P Ulivi and D M Harland, ISBN13: 978-0387096278, 2012. 

29. Robotic exploration of the solar system Part 4: The Modern Era 2004-2013, P Ulivi and D M Harland, ISBN13: 978-1461448112, 2015. 

30. Active debris removal in space : how to clean the Earth's environment from space debris, R Biesbroek, ISBN13: 978-1508529187, 2015. 

31. Rocket Propoulsion, S D Heister, W E Anderson, T L Pourpoint and R J Cassady, ISBN13: 978-1-108422277, 2019.

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