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Module Reading List

Philosophy of Religion, 2021/22, Semester 2
Prof. Robin Le Poidevin
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Preliminary reading

Taliaferro, Charles (2019) ‘Philosophy of Religion’, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy,, section 1  

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1. The God question: who has the burden of proof?

Shalkowski, Scott A. (1989) ‘Atheological Apologetics’, American Philosophical Quarterly Vol. 26 (1), pp. 1-17  

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2. The fine-tuned universe

Bradley, M.C. (2001) ‘The Fine-Tuning Argument’, Religious Studies Vol. 37 (4), pp. 451-66  

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3. The multiverse

Rogers, Katherin (2020) ‘Classical Theism and the Multiverse’, International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion 88 (1), pp. 23-39  

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4. ‘Everything has an explanation’

Reichenbach, Bruce (2017) ‘Cosmological Argument’, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, sections 1-6,  

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5. What relevance has God to ethics?

Morriston, Wes (2012) ‘God and the Ontological Foundation of Morality’, Religious Studies 48 (1), pp. 15-34  

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6. God and freedom

Zagzebski, Linda (1985) ‘Divine Foreknowledge and Human Free Will’, Religious Studies 21 (3), pp. 279-98  

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7. Religious diversity

Harrison, Victoria S. (2015) ‘Religious Pluralism’, in The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Philosophy of Religion, London: Routledge, pp. 257-69  

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8. The Great Pumpkin and religious rationality

Scott, Kyle (2014) ‘The Return of the Great Pumpkin’, Religious Studies 50 (3), pp. 297-308  

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9. The author of the universe?

Lebens, Samuel (2015) ‘God and His Imaginary Friends: a Hassidic Metaphysics’, Religious Studies 51 (2), pp. 183-204  

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10. Codes, commitment and fiction: the varieties of religious non-realism

Eshleman, Andrew (2005) ‘Can an Atheist Believe in God?’, Religious Studies 41 (2), pp. 183-99  

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11. The fictionalist confronts evil

Le Poidevin, Robin (2019) Religious Fictionalism, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Chapter 4: ‘Fictionalism and Evil’  

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