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Module Reading List

Civil Engineering Materials II, 2021/22, Semester 1
Professor Ian Richardson
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

The core text for the module is:

Construction materials : their nature and behaviour

P. L. J. Domone and J.M. Illston

fourth edition, Spon Press


Another text which you may find useful is:

Portland cement : composition, production and properties

G. C. Bye

Thomas Telford, 2011

NB: A detailed week-by-week directed reading schedule for PP's section of the course is available in the 'Learning Resources' section.


Some useful websites include:

The Portland Cement Association

A US based trade organisation representing cement manufacturers. The science is correct, but be careful with the classifications and standards, since they differ from UK / European norms.

British Cement Association (now part of the Mineral Products Association)

A UK based trade association, with a comprehensive website, but remember that they are there to represent their members' interests.

The Concrete Centre

Another arm of the MPA, this time concerned with concrete rather than cement. Another comprehensive website, with some detailed teaching material.


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