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Module Reading List

Issues and Concepts of Advancing Practice, 2021/22
Dominic Egan
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Reading Lists


The essential books focus on policy and the notion of influence.

Barker, C. (1998) The health care policy process . London: Sage.

Colebatch, H. (2002) Policy . Buckingham: Open University Press.

Garvey, R., Stokes, P., and Megginson, D.,(2009). Coaching and mentoring : theory and practice . Sage.: London

Gopee, N., (2008). Mentoring and supervision in healthcare . Sage: London

Harrison, S. and McDonald, R. (2008) The politics of healthcare in Britain . London: Sage Publications Ltd.

Palfrey, C. (2000) Key concepts in health care policy and planning : an introductory text . Basingstoke: Macmillan Press Ltd.

Sullivan, E. J. (2004) Becoming influential : a guide for nurses . Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall.

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Books in the recommended reading are sub-divided into broad topic areas associated with the module learning outcomes and content.

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Grint, K. (ed.) (1997) Leadership : classical, contemporary, and critical approaches . Oxford New York: Oxford University Press.

Hein, E. C. (ed.) (1998) Contemporary leadership behavior : selected readings . 5th edition. Philadelphia: Lippincott.

Griffin, R.W., and Moorhead, G. (2010). Organizational behavior : managing people and organizations . 9th edition. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co.

Kanungo, R. N & Mendonca, M. (1998) Ethical dimensions of leadership . London: Sage.

Rocchiccioli, J. T. & Tilbury, M.S. (1998) Clinical leadership in nursing . Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders.

Walshe, K., and Smith, J., (eds), (2006) Healthcare management Maidenhead, Berkshire : Open University Press.

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Edwards, S. D. (ed.) (1998) Philosophical issues in nursing . Basingstoke: Macmillan

Edwards, S. (2001) Philosophy of nursing : an introduction . Basingstoke: Palgrave

Reed, J. & Ground, I. (1997) Philosophy for nursing . London: Arnold.

Schober, M. & Affara, F. (2006) International Council of Nurses : advanced nursing practice . Oxford: Blackwell Publishing.

Walker, L.O. & Avant, K. C. (1995) Strategies for theory construction in nursing . 3rd edition. Norwalk, CT: Appleton & Lange.

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Hann, A. (ed.) (2000) Analysing health policy Aldershot: Ashgate.

Hogwood, B. W. & Gunn, L. A. (1984) Policy analysis for the real world . Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Klein, R. (2006) The new politics of the National Health Service . 5th edition Harlow: Prentice Hall.

Salter, B. (1998) The politics of change in the health service . Basingstoke: Macmillan.

Salter, B. (2004) The new politics of medicine Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan

Walt, G. (1994) Health policy : an introduction to process and power . London: Zed Books.

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Andrews, M. M. (1995) Nursing in a multi-ethnic NHS . London: PSI.

Benner, P. Tanner, C.A. & Chesla, C.A. (eds.) (2009) Expertise in Nursing Practice: Caring, Clinical Judgment and Ethics. 2nd edition. New York: Springer Publishing Company.

Brykczynska, G. (ed.) (1997) Caring : the compassion and wisdom of nursing . London: Edward Arnold.

Buresh, B. & Gordon, S. (2001) From silence to voice : what nurses know and must communicate to the public . Ottawa: Canadian Nurses Association.

Castledine, G. & McGee, P. (eds.) (2003) Advanced and Specialist Nursing Practice . Oxford: Blackwell Science.

Chinn, P.L. & Kramer, M.K. (2008) Integrated theory and knowledge development in nursing . 7th edition. St Louis: C.V. Mosby

Fawcett, J. (1993) Analysis and evaluation of nursing theories . Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.

Gray, G. & Pratt, R. (1995) Scholarship in the discipline of nursing . Melbourne: Churchill Livingstone.

Hamric, A. B., Spross, J.A. & Hanson, C.M. (eds.) (2001) Advanced nursing practice : an integrative approach . Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders.

Hinchcliff, S., Rogers R. (2008) Competencies for advanced nursing practice , Hodder Arnold

Marks-Maran, D. & Rose, P. (eds.) (1997) Reconstructing nursing : beyond art and science . London: Balliere Tindall.

McGee, P. Castledine, G (2003) Advanced Nursing Practice , 2nd edition, Oxford, Blackwell.

Morrall, P. (2009) Sociology and health: an introduction . 2nd edition. London: Routledge [Previous title: Sociology and nursing]

Procter, S. (2000) Caring for health . Basingstoke: Macmillan.

Rogers, B. L. & Knaff, K. A. (1993) Concept development in nursing : foundations, techniques, and applications . Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders.

Rolfe, G. & Fulbrook, P. (1998) Advanced nursing practice . London: C.V. Mosby.

Schober, M., Affara, F. (2006) International Council of Nurses : advanced nursing practice , Oxford, Blackwell

Recommended journals

American journal of nursing.

Health service journal.

International journal of nursing studies.

Journal of advanced nursing.

Journal of clinical nursing.

Journal of nursing management.

Nursing science quarterly.

Web sites

Department of Health

Nursing and Midwifery Council

International Council of Nurses

Royal College of Nursing

Health Services Journal

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Alderson, C.J. and Hogg, P., (2003). Advanced Radiography Practice-the Legal Aspects. Radiography. , (9) pp. 305-314

Beauchamp, T., L., Childress, J., F., (2009). Principles of Biomedical Ethics . 6th ed Oxford: OUP

Board Of Faculty Clinical Radiology, The Royal College Of Radiologists And The College Of Radiographers, (1998). Inter-professional roles and responsibilities in a radiology service

Campbell, S., Charlesworth, Gillett, G., Jones, G. (2005). Medical Ethics . 3rd ed. Oxford: OUP

Chambers, R., Wakely, G., (2000). Making clinical governance work for you . Radcliffe Medical Press

Dawes, Martin, Davies, Phillip. (2005). Evidence Based Practice- A primer for Health Care Professionals . 2nd edition. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone

Dimond, B., (2002). Legal aspects of radiography and radiology . Oxford: Blackwell Science

Elliot, V., et al, (2008). Research Utilisation in SonographeyPractice: Attitudes and Barriers. Radiography (XX), pp. 1-9

Gillon, Raanan. (1994). Philosophical medical ethics . Wiley Medical

Ham, C., Kushe, H., and Singer, P., (2000). Making sense of the NHS white papers . 2nd ed. Radcliffe Medical Press

Hardy, M., and Snaith, B., (2006). Role Extension and Role Advancement-is there a difference? –A discussion paper. Radiography , 12, pp. 327-331

Hardy, M., and Snaith, B., (2007). How to Achieve Advanced Practitioner Status–A discussion paper. Radiography , 13, pp. 142-146

Kennedy, I., Grubb, A. (2000). Medical law . 3rd ed. London: Butterworths.

Mason, J., K., Mccall-Smith, R., A., (2006). Law and Medical Ethics . 7th ed.

Mc Sherry, R., (2007). Clinical Governance: A guide to implementation for healthcare professionals . 2nd edition. Oxford : Blackwell Science

Morell, C., Harvey, G., (1999). The clinical audit handbook : improving the quality of health care . London: Balliere Tindall

Morse, (1992). Qualitative health research . Sage

Muir-Gray, J., A. (2009). Evidence-based healthcare. 3rd edition. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone

Nightingale, J. and Hogg, P., (2003). Clinical Practice at Advanced Level. An Introduction. Radiography (9), pp 77-83

Nightingale, J., (2008) Developing Protocols for Advanced and Cosultant Practice. Radiography pp. 1-6

Reigelman, R., K. (2005). Studying a Study and Testing a Test . 5th edition. Lippincott - Raven

Simpson, R. and Bor, R., (2001). ‘I’m not picking up a heart-beat’: Experiences of Sonographers giving bad news to women during ultrasound scans. British Journal of Medical Psychology. (74) pp 255-272

Streiner, N. (1999). PDQ epidemiology (ISBN 1 55664 073 0)

Swage, T. (2004). Clinical Governance in Health care Practice . 2nd edition. Butterworth:Heinemann

The College of Radiographers (2005). Research and the radiography profession. A Strategy and Five Year Plan. The College of Radiographers; London

The Royal College of radiologists and the Society and College of Radiographers, (2007). Team working within clinical imaging : a contemporary view of skills mix. . The Royal College of radiologists and the Society and College of Radiographers: London

The Royal College of Radiologists, (2006). Standards for the reporting and interpretation of imaging investigations. . The Royal College of Radiologists; London

The Society and College of Radiographers (2005). Medical image interpretation and clinical reporting by non-radiologists : the role of the radiographer . The College of Radiographers; London

The Society of Radiographers, (2006). Statement on Ultrasound Referrals and Professional Indemnity Arrangements. The Society of Radiographers; London. Available here:

UKAS. 2001. Guidelines for professional working practice. UKAS.

Vincent, C., (2001). Clinical risk management : enhancing patient safety . BMJ Books


British Medical Ultrasound Society

Department of Health

Health Professions Council

NHS Evidence: Health Information Resources (formerly National Library for Health)

The Royal College of radiologists

The Society and College of radiographers.

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Dearnley C, Dixon AM 2008 Finding the Professional Voice: towards a theory of Continuing professional development. Conference proceedings: Professional lifelong learning: Critical perspectives on CPD. University of Leeds, 24th June 2008. Available at

Diamond B (2002) Legal aspects of radiography and radiology . Blackwell

Dixon AM (2006) Education & training for advanced practice: Principles of course design and assessment applied to a ‘stereotactic needle core biopsy of the breast’ module. Radiography 12(2):79-87

Dixon AM, Culpan DG (2008) Requesting and reporting imaging investigations Ch.8 in Dixon AM (ed) Fundamentals of diagnostic imaging : an introduction for nurses and allied health care professionals Exeter, Reflect Press

Dixon AM, Dearnley C (2008) Radiographer-performed stereotactic needle core biopsy: Making a difference. Radiography , doi 10.1016/j.radi.2008.06.007

General Medical Council (2006) Good Medical Practice , General Medical Council, London

Hart A, Dixon AM (2008) Sonographer Role Extension & Career Development Ultrasound. 16(1):31 -35

Lee JM, Dixon AM (2007) Breast Imaging Service Provision, Education & Training. Ch. 14 in Dixon AM (ed) Breast ultrasound : how, why and when . Elsevier

NHSBSP (2006) Quality Assurance Guidelines for Radiographers NHSBSP Publication No. 63, NHSCSP, Sheffield. Available here:

Society & College of Radiographers , London

2002 Statements for Professional Conduct

2002 A Strategy for the Education & Professional Development of Radiographers

2003 A Strategy for Continuing Professional Development

2003 Education & Professional Development: Moving Ahead

Royal College of Radiologists , London

1999 Good Practice for Clinical Radiologists BFCR(99)11

2002 Clinical Radiology: A Workforce in Crisis

Royal College of Radiologists / Society & College of Radiographers (2007), Team working within clinical imaging : a contemporary view of skills mix. BFCR(07)1 London

Williams S Oct. (2008). Breast screening 20 years on… Synergy. , SCoR, London

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Resources: Pharmacy

Leadership and Management

BLANCHARD, K., P. ZIGARMI and D. ZIGARMI. 2004. One minute manager . London. Harper Collins Publishing.

BLANCHARD, K., P. ZIGARMI and D. ZIGARMI. 2004. Putting the one minute manager to work . London. Harper Collins Publishing.

BLANCHARD, K., P. ZIGARMI and D. ZIGARMI. 2004. Leadership and the One minute manager. London. Harper Collins Publishing.

FERGUSON, P.2006. Living Leader . Worthing. Infinite Ideas Company.

IILES, V.2006. Really Managing Health Care 2nd ed. Oxford. Open University Press

Change Management

DUFFY, M. and E. GRIFFIN.2000. Facilitating organisational change in primary care : a manual for team members Oxford: Radcliffe Medical Press

Practical guide to implementing change.

DUFFY, M. and E. GRIFFIN.2000. Facilitating groups in primary care : a manual for team members Oxford: Radcliffe Medical Press

A practical guide to working with groups.

HANDY, C.1999. Inside organizations : 21 ideas for managers . London: Penguin Books.

Easy to read book introducing some concepts about organisations.

HAYES, J.2010. The Theory and Practice of Change Management . 3rd ed. Basingstoke. Palgrave Macmillan

PRICE, D.2008. The Principles and Practice of Change . Basingstoke. Palgrave Macmillan

SENIOR, B.2002. Organisational change . 2nd ed. Harlow: Prentice Hall.

The key text: academic, a definitive reference.


WINGFIELD, J. and D,BADCOTT. 2007. Pharmacy ethics and decision making . London. Pharmaceutical Press

HUNGMAN, B.2009. Healthcare communication. London. Pharmaceutical Press

Social Context of Health and Social Policy

BISHOP, V. 2009. Leadership for nursing and allied health professionals . Oxford. Open University Press

BISSELL, P. and J.M. TRAULSEN.2005. Sociology and pharmacy practice . London. Pharmaceutical Press

PECKAM, S. and L. MEERABEAU.2007. Social policy for nurses and the helping professions . 2nd. Ed. Oxford. Open University Press

NENO, R. and D. PRICE. eds. 2008. The handbook for advanced primary care nurses . Oxford. Open University Press

MAHON, A., K. WALSHE, and N. CHAMBERS.2009. A reader in health policy and management . Oxford. Open University Press

McSHERRY, R. and J. WARR.2008. An introduction to excellence in practice development in health and social care . Oxford. Open University Press

McSHERRY, R. and J. WARR.2009. Working in Healthcare Organisations . Oxford. Open University Press

WALSHE, K. and J. SMITH.2006. Healthcare management . Oxford. Open University Press

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Library help online

Go to and for a range of online guides, tutorials and workbooks to help you with your studies including:

• Online step by step guide to literature searching

• Online database workbooks and tutorials, eg Medline, CINAHL, Cochrane Library, Science Direct

• Online information literacy tutorials to help you develop skills in using electronic resources and searching for information.

Need more help? If you need help using library resources or finding information, ask at the Library Enquiry Desk or contact the Librarian for Healthcare .

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