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Module Reading List

An Introduction to Autism, 2021/22, Semester 2
Anita Collins
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Reading List

Core (all available electronically)

Baron-Cohen, S. 2008.  Autism and Asperger syndrome. [Online] Oxford: Oxford University Press. [Accessed 23 Jan 2020] Available from:   

Powell, S. & R. Jordan. Eds. 2011. Autism and learning: a guide to good practice. [Online] London: Routledge. [Accessed 23 Jan 2020] Available from:    


Recommended (all available electronically)

Akhtar,Y. 2021. Understanding Autism, walk a mile in their shoes Independently Published 

Bogdashina, O. 2003. Sensory perceptual issues in autism and Asperger syndrome : different sensory experiences, different perceptual worlds . [Online] London: Jessica Kingsley  [ Accessed 19 Jan 2021] Available from:

Bogdashina, O. 2005. Communication issues in autism and Asperger syndrome : do we speak the same language? [Online] London: Jessica Kingsley  [ Accessed 19 Jan 2021]   Available from:

Bogdashina, O. 2005. Theory of mind and the triad of perspectives on autism and Asperger syndrome : a view from the bridge [ Online] London: Jessica Kingsley [ Accessed 19 Jan 2021]

Bowen, M & Plimley, L 2008  The autism inclusion toolkit: training materials and facilitator notes  [Online] Los Angeles: SAGE [ Accessed 12th March 2021] 

Breakey, C. 2006. The autism spectrum and further education : a guide to good practice [ Online] London: Jessica Kingsley [ Accessed 19 Jan 2021] 

Coleman, M. ed. 2005.  The neurology of autism [Online] Oxford: Oxford University Press [ Accessed 19 Jan 2021]

Cumine, V., Leach, J. 2000. Autism in the early years : a practical guide [Online] London: Fulton.[Accessed 19 Jan 2021]

Delmolino, L., Harris, S. 2012. Matching children on the autistic spectrum to classrooms; A guide for parents and professionals. Journal of autism and developmental disorders. ISSN: 0162-3257. 42 (6) pp 1197-1204.

Delmolino, L., Harris, S. 2012. Matching children on the autistic spectrum to classrooms; A guide for parents and professionals.  Journal of Austism and Developmental Disorders  42 (6) pp 1197-1204.  

Denis, A., Di Carlo, C. 2013. Back to basics: working with young children with autism in inclusive classrooms.  Support for Learning. 28 (2) pp52-66

Farrell, M. 2012. The effective teacher’s guide to autism and communication difficulties: practical strategies. [Online] 2nd ed. London: Routledge. Available from:

Frith, U. 2008. A very short introduction to autism. [Online] Oxford: Oxford University Press  [Accessed 23 Jan 2020] Available from:

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Murray, S. 2008. Representing autism : culture, narrative, fascination [Online] Liverpool: Liverpool University Press [ Accessed 19 Jan 2021]




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Sacks, O. 1995. An anthropologist on Mars : seven paradoxical tales London: Picador

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Williams, D. 1992. Nobody nowhere. London: Doubleday

Wing L 1996. The autistic spectrum: a guide for parents and professionals. London: Constable and Co.


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Journals/newspaper articles

Your Autism Magazine: the magazine of the National Autistic Society  

Support for learning (nasen - National Association for Special Educational Needs - journal)

British journal of special education (nasen research journal)

Journal of research in special educational needs. ISSN: 1471-3802


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VLE resources/E - learning resources

Asperger Information Service:

Oasis (On-line Asperger Information Service – lots of useful information including teaching tips for working with ‘high functioning’ students with autism)

Autism Europe: (European association co-ordinating regional associations across Europe)

National Autistic Society: (This website lists links to other websites and most recent research as well as general information on autism, Asperger syndrome etc.)

Autism Education Trust  Not for profit programme led by National Autistic Society and Ambitious about Autism

Parental perspective: (A blog based on one parent’s experiences with her son who has Asperger syndrome)

TEACCH website (University of North Carolina) (information on structured teaching) 

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