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Suggested books

Linear Regression, Robustness and Smoothing, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Jochen Voss
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

The lecture notes are supposed to be self-contained, so the books here should be regarded as "supplementary". 

 Faraway, J. (2005). Linear Models with R. Chapman & Hall

 Montgomery, D.C., Peck, E.A. & Vining, G.G. (2012). Iintroduction to Linear Regression Analysis . Wiley

 Seber, G.A.F. (1977). Linear regression analysis ISBN: 9780471415404 : No price; 0471415405 : No price. Wiley.

Atkinson, A.C. (1985). Plots, transformations, and regression : an introduction to graphical methods of diagnostic regression analysis ISBN: 0198533594. Oxford.

 Rousseeuw, R. J. & A. M. Leroy. 1987. Robust Regression and Outlier Detection. New York: Wiley

M. P. Wand & M. C. Jones (1995). Kernel smoothing ISBN: 0412552701. Chapman & Hall.


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