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Module Reading List

Intermediate Biochemistry: Practicals, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Dr Julie Aspden
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

GFP Practical

Brown, T. A. (2016) Gene cloning and DNA analysis . 7th Edn. Wiley-Blackwell. UK.   

Divan, A & Royds, J. (2013) Tools and techniques in biomolecular science . Oxford University Press. Oxford.

Ligand Binding Practical

Z-X. Wang, N. R. Kumar, D. K. Srivastava (1992) Analytical Biochemistry. 206, 376-81 – a tour de force treatment for aficionados.

J. Lisal & R. Tuma (2005) Journal of biological chemistry. 280, 23157-64. – a simple formula for fitting stoichiometric saturation binding data is provided

D. E. Hansen, D. Tang, J. A. Sanborn, M. D. Marshall (2006) Journal of chemical education.. 83, 777-9.

 P. L. Edmiston and T. R. Williams (2000) Journal of chemical education. 77, 377-9.

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