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Module Reading List

Personal and Professional Development 5 - Preparing for the World of Work, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Rob Letton
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


A definitive reading list for this module is difficult to produce as regulations and service provision is under constant review. The following will give you a good understanding of expectations as a professional, the role of CQC, structure and outline of current NHS dentistry and clinical guidance that is heavily relied upon in practice from the FGDP. The BDA are a good source of advice sheets and protection societies offer online advice on risk management and complaints.

Published Guidance from the GDC:

Standards for the Dental Team Scope of Practice Guidance 2013 Guidance on Direct Access May 2014  Available online here

Numerous other guidance documents from advertising to CPD, to use of social media; all available at:  

 Understanding the New NHS

NHS treatments/bands, prices, complaints:

 How CQC Regulates Primary Dental Services

FGDP guidance available on their website via their Open Standards Initiative:

  •  Clinical Examination and Record Keeping
  •  Selection Criteria for Dental Radiography
  •  Antimicrobial prescribing for General Dental Practitioners


Dental Protection Society Risk Management Sheets (available online via VLE, see Resources>Dental Protection Documents)

The Management of Risk 1-4 series of articles: A Collier, Dental Update 2014

BDA Advice sheets (Available on line to members)


Reading for Ethics tutorials:

Health & Social Justice - J Prah Roger: Chapter 6 A Health Capability Account of Equal access (e book)     

Ethics in Medicine -J Jackson: Chapter 9 Distributive Justice in Healthcare (W50JAC)   

Ethical: questions in Dentistry – Rule, Veatch (WU50RUL) Chapter 10 Justice in Dentistry Becoming Environmentally   

Sustainable in Healthcare: an overview: Jamieson M, Wicks A, Boulding T (2015) Australian Health Review 39, 417-424     


Dental Foundation Interview preparation and SJT Resources All links and reading on previous page

10 Practice questions available from COPDEND are on the VLE in Resources> Dental Foundation Documents. There are 2 copies one with rationale (i.e. answers!) and one without that can be used to work through as a test and check against the rationale later.

From Dental Protection (free to student members):

The complete guide for DFT Interviews – Nagar, Guni, Mobarak & Patel

From the BDA – careers:


The Dental Foundation Interview Guide (2017) –Z Saddique, S Anand, H Lewis-Greene Available through the University Library electronically

Some other suggested reading as DF preparation:

Dental Recall – Recall Interval between Routine Dental Examinations – Clinical Guidance NICE (2004) Nice guidelines on extraction of wisdom teeth Delivering Better Oral Health – an evidence-based toolkit for prevention – 3rd Edition Department of Health (2014)

BSP: The Good Practitioners Guide to Periodontology SDCEP guidance documents – Prescribing, anticoagulant, bisphosphonates etc IOTN Safeguarding

DF Curriculum – read through Competencies and reflect on issues it may encompass Other areas covered in PPD5:

NHS Performers List Regulations (& UK equivalents): Department of Health: [Draft] Advanced Care Pathway Documents. Department of Health Document: Dental Contract Reform Pilots (notes to support Advanced Care Pathways).

Other Resources: Medical SJT for their Foundation Programme – Example questions & test

 Medical SJT’s 10 sample questions with reasoning 5 ranked and 5 give 3 best answers

 GMC scenarios with different characters and conversations – links to GMC guidance & would help to get thinking along those lines

Books – All written for medicine Situational Judgement Tests – David Metcalfe and Harveer Dev W20 DEV

Foundation programme : 250 SJTs for foundation year entry – Picard, Allsopp, Campbell W20 PIC Get ahead! The situational judgement test – Mahesan, Choudhury, Rymer WB18 MAH The Situational judgement test at a glance – Varian, Cartwright W18 VAR

Further related reading

Many of the management, ethical and legal issues and advice remain the same as when these books were written but, bear in mind that the structure of the GDC and NHS and dental provision and remuneration has changed and there has been the introduction of CQC and HTM01-05, Direct Access, the growth of corporates etc

Understanding NHS Dentistry – Preparing for the Future (2010) – Len D’Cruz, R Rattan and M Watson (WU29DCR) Dental Law and Ethics (2002) – P Lambden (WU50 LAM) Ethics and Law for the Dental Team (2006) – M Brennan, R Oliver (WU50 BRE)     

Dental Ethics at Chairside: Professional Principles and practical applications (2002) – D Ozar, D Sokol (WU50 OZA) The Tool Kit for Dental Risk Management (2002) - Lilley&Lambden (WU77LL) Legal Aspects of General Dental Practice (2006) - Leon DeCruz (WU33DCR)   

The Business of Dentistry (2002) - R Rattan, G Manolescue (WU77 RAT)   

Rattan, R. (2017). The Business of Dentistry. Primary Dental Journal6(1_suppl), 56–59.


Dickerson, T. (2007). The role of coaching in the business of dentistry. BDJ203(5), 237–238.


A Guide to General Dental Practice (2006) - N Priest, H Seehra, M Wallace (WU77 PRI) Preparing for Dental Practice (2004) - Burke,Freeman (WU77BUR) The Patient Centred Dental Practice (2001)- Newsome (WU77NEW)   

Clinical Governance in General Practice (2002) - Rattan et al (WU29RAT)   

Profitable dental practice: 8 strategies for building a practice that everyone loves to visit, Second edition (2014)- Philip Newsome (WU77NEW)   


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