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Module Reading List 2021

Young Child Observation, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Deborah Marks
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Required Reading

Adamo, S. Rustin, M. (2013) Young Child Observation: A Development In The Theory & Method Of Infant Observation. Tavistock Clinic Series. London, Karnac.

Diem-Wille, G. (2014). Young Children and their Parents: Perspectives from Psychoanalytic Infant Observation. Routledge.

Saltzberger-Wittenberger (2013) ‘Going to Nursery’, Ch. 6, in Experiencing Endings and Beginnings, Karnac London.

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Winnicott, D.W. (1971) Playing: A Theoretical Statement, in Playing and Reality, London: Pelican books, pp. 44-61.

Additional Reading

Baradon, T. (Ed) – 2019 - Working With Fathers in Psychoanalytic Parent-Infant Psychotherapy. Routledge

Emanuel, L (2004) Understanding Your Three-Year-Old, The Tavistock Clinic Series.

Datler, W., Hover-Reisner, N. & Datler, M. (2015) Toddlers’ relationships to peers in the processes of separation: from the discussion of observational accounts to the development of theory, Infant Observation, 18:1, 14-35,

Gavériaux et al (2015) Making use of psychoanalytic young child observation as a response to referrals of young children in a multidisciplinary medical, mental health and education Centre in Brittany. Infant Observation, 18:1, 67-82

Maroni, L. (2004) Understanding 4-5 year olds, The Tavistock Clinic Series.

Miller, L. (2004) Understanding your two-year-old, The Tavistock Clinic Series.

Mooney, R. (2015) The preschool playground: a longing for a mother to a need for friends, Infant Observation, 18:1, 36-51

Nakaoka, H. (2014) Coming to terms with daily separation: observation of two children's transition from home to nursery, Infant Observation, 17:3, 248-263.

Winnicott, D. W. (1958) The Capacity to be Alone, in (1990) The Maturational Processes and the Facilitating Environment, London: Karnac.

Winnicott, D. W. (1935) The Manic Defence, in (1992) Through Paediatrics to Psychoanalysis: Collected Papers, London: Karnac.

Winnicott, D. W. (1956) The Antisocial Tendency, in (1992) Through Paediatrics to Psychoanalysis: Collected Papers, London: Karnac.

Winnicott, D. W. (1971) Playing and Reality, London: Pelican.

Winnicott, D. W. (1964) First Experiments in Independence, in The Child, the Family and the Outside World, London: Pelican, pp167-172.

Zuppardi, S. (2015) A band of brothers at nursery: an account of male group dynamics in a preschool setting, Infant Observation, 18:1, 52-66.










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