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Module Reading List

Introduction to Journalism, 2021/22, Semester 1
Ms Kate Watkins
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Reading list

Brighton, P & Foy D (2007) News Values. Sage

Hudson G and Rowlands S(2012 )  The broadcast journalism handbook ISBN: 9781405824347 (pbk.) : £28.99; 1405824344 (pbk.) : £28.99 (second edition): Pearson Longman

Frost C (2011) Journalism Ethics and Regulation. Harlow:Pearson Education

Harcup, T., (2015) Journalism: Principles and Practice , Sage

Harcup T (2021) What's the Point of News?: A Study in Ethical Journalism Palgrave Macmillan    

Maitliss Emily 2019 Airhead: The Imperfect Art of Making News Penguin  

Temmerman M  Mast J (2021) News Values from an Audience Perspective Palgrave Macmillan  

Sissons, H (2006) Practical journalism : how to write news ISBN: 0761949275 (pbk.); 9780761949268; 0761949267; 9780761949275. Sage

Sopel Jon 2021UnPresidented: Politics, pandemics and the race that Trumped all others Penguin 

Randall D (2011) The Universal Journalist,  Pluto 

Rusbridger Alan 2019 Breaking News: The Remaking of Journalism and Why It Matters Now  Canongate

Core readings 

Frost C (2011) Journalism Ethics and Regulation. Harlow:Pearson Education      

chapter one of  Ray V (2003) The television news handbook : an insider's guide to being a great broadcast journalist    Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

 chapter five of  Harcup T (2015) Journalism Principles and Practice ( two separate module readings)  Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva  

chapter three  of  Harcup T (2015) Journalism Principles and Practice     OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (HT 17/08/2021) 

 Harcup,T and O’Neill, D (2017) What is News(news values revisited again) Journalism studies. ISSN: 1461-670x,18:12:1470-1488

Harcup, T. and D. O’Neil (2001) ‘What is news? Galtung and Ruge revisited’, Journalism studies. ISSN: 1461-670x 2(2): 261-280.

Kleemans, M., Schaap, G., and L. Hermans (2015) ‘Citizen sources in the news: Above and beyond the vox pop?’, Journalism. ISSN: 1464-8849, vol. 18, 4: pp. 464-481.

 Peter C & Zerback T (2020)Ordinary Citizens in the News: A Conceptual Framework, Journalism Studies, 21:8, 1003-1016, DOI: 10.1080/1461670X.2020.1758190

Kleems C Das E & Hartmann T :  Changed priorities ahead: Journalists’ shifting role perceptions when covering public health crises Journalism. 2019, Vol. 20(9) 1223–1241

Schäfer MS, Painter J. Climate journalism in a changing media ecosystem: Assessing the production of climate change-related news around the world. WIREs Clim Change. 2021;12:e675


This list was last updated on 04/08/2021