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SLAV3114 Russian Advanced Translation Reading List

Russian Advanced Translation, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Pavel Gudoshnikov
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Baker, Mona. 1992. In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation (London and New York: Routledge) ONLINE

Halliday, M.A.K. and Hasan, Ruqaiya, 1976 Cohesion in English (London and New York: Longman)

Malmkjaer, Kirsten. 2005 Linguistics and the Language of Translation (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press)

Pym, Anthony. 2014 Exploring Translation Theories. 2nd ed. (London: Routledge). This book has Free YouTube lectures to go with it! ONLINE

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Translation theory and practical guides

 Byrne, Jody (2021) Scientific and Technical Translation Explained (London and New York: Routledge)

Cao, Deborah. (2007) Translating Law. (Clevedon: Multilingual Matters). ONLINE

Hatim, Basil and Munday, Jeremy (2004) Translation: An Advanced Resource Book. (London: Routledge.) ONLINE

Munday, Jeremy.2012. Introducing Translation Studies: Theories and Applications. 3rd ed. (London: Routledge). ONLINE

Venuti, Lawrence. 2013. Translation Changes Everything: Theory and Practice (Abingdon: Routledge). ONLINE

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Essays about translation

Bassnett, Susan. 2011. Reflections on Translation. (Bristol: Multilingual Matters) ONLINE

Bellos, David. 2011. Is that a fish in your ear? : translation and the meaning of everything (London: Particular)   

Eco, Umberto. (2003) Mouse or Rat? : translation as negotiation (London: Phoenix)

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Forsyth, Mark. 2013. The Elements of Eloquence : How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase. (London: Icon Books Ltd).

Leith, Sam. 2011. You Talkin’ to Me? : Rhetoric from Aristotle to Obama. (London: Profile Books.)

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Semantics and pragmatics

Lycan, William G. (2000) Philosophy of Language: a contemporary introduction (London and New York: Routledge)

Pinker, Steven. (2007) The Stuff of Thought (London: Penguin)

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Style guides

Trask, R. L. 2001. Mind the gaffe : the Penguin guide to common errors in English (London: Penguin Books)

Birchfield, R. W. (ed). 2004. Fowler’s Modern English Usage (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

Ritter, R. M. 2000. New Oxford dictionary for writers and editors.. (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

MHRA style guide: a handbook for authors, editors, and writers of theses., 3rd edn, 2013 (London: Modern Humanities Research Association)

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Trask, R. L. 1997. The Penguin guide to punctuation (London: Penguin Books)

Vajda, E. and V. Umanets. 2004. Russian punctuation & related symbols : a guide for English speakers (Bloomington, Indiana: Slavica)

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