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Reading List

Dynamics of Weather Systems, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Juliane Schwendike
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

There are many books in the library on meteorology: this is a selection of reasonably up-to-date texts. The books that are useful to buy are indicated.

Dynamical Meteorology

Holton, J.R., 2004: An introduction to dynamic meteorology (4th edition). Oxford: Elsevier Academic Press, pp. 535.
(Very good classical textbook on dynamical meteorology that covers everything from basic principles to midlatitude and tropical weather systems and more. A bit on the mathematical side. Not too expensive (~£25) and useful beyond this lecture.)

Martin, J.E., 2006: Mid-latitude atmospheric dynamics - a first course. Chichester: WileyBlackwell, pp. 324.
(Textbook on midlatitude dynamics with a good mixture of theory and application. Relatively recent and therefore up-to-date. Less mathematical than Holton. Good book to buy since available as paperback, ~£30.)

Lynch, A. and Cassano, J., 2006: Applied atmospheric dynamics. Chichester: WileyBlackwell, pp. 290.
(Accessible, coverage of basic principles of atmospheric fluid dynamics and application to different weather systems from the tropics to polar regions. Available as paperback, ~£30.)

Carlson, T.N., 1998: Mid-latitude weather systems. Boston: American Meteorological Society, pp. 507.
(Comprehensive coverage of midlatitude weather systems, mainly cyclones and fronts, providing a fusion of synoptic and dynamical meteorology. This title is out of print therefore rather expensive.)

Kundu, P.K. and Cohen, I.M., 2004: Fluid Mechanics. Amsterdam: Elsevier Academic Press, pp. 759.
(For an easy-to-understand introduction to some basics of fluid motion.)

Vallis, G. K., 2006: Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 745.
(A comprehensive, thorough introduction to the fundamentals and large-scale circulation, also mathematical.)

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Tropical Meteorology 

Emanuel, K., 2005: Divine wind: The history and science of hurricanes. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 296.
(Accessible, nicely illustrated book on hurricanes including their impacts on society. Hardcover only, but still affordable, ~£35.)

Hastenrath, S., 1991: Climate dynamics of the tropics. Dordrecht: Kluwer, pp. 512.
(One of very few textbooks solely dedicated to tropical meteorology. Has a focus on climate, but contains some useful information on weather systems. Rather expensive to buy.)

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More basic textbooks

Barry, R.G. and Chorley, R.J., 2003: Atmosphere, weather and climate (8th edition). London: Routledge, pp. 472.
(Good for basic understanding of weather phenomena, rather descriptive and accessible.)

McIlveen, R. 1998: Fundamentals of weather and climate (2nd edition). Cheltenham: Stanley Thornes, pp. 497.

Bader, M.J., Grant, J.R., Waters, A.J. and Forbes, G.J., 1995: Images in weather forecasting. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 528.

Wallace, J.M. and P.V. Hobbs, 2006: Atmospheric science: an introductory survey (2nd edition). Amsterdam: Elsevier Academic Press, pp. 483.

Ahrens, C.D., 2003: Meteorology today: An introduction to weather, climate, and the environment (7th edition). Pacific Grove: Thomson/Brooks/Cole.

Stull, R.B., 1995: Meteorology today for scientists and engineers. Minneapolis: West Pub., pp. 385.
(Companion book to Ahrens.) 

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