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Module Reading List

Practical Weather Forecasting, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr Juliane Schwendike
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Recommended Texts

Meteorology / forecasting:

Ahrens, Houghton, and McIlveen’s books are the most fundamental texts for this course. The book by Bader et al. is excellent for interpreting satellite and radar imagery. Rogers and Yau is concise and covers cloud physics.

Ahrens, C. Donald, (2008): 'Meteorology today: an introduction to weather, climate, and the environment', Brooks-Cole, 9e international edition.

Bader, M.J., Forbes, G.S., Grant, J.R., Lilley, R.B.E. and Waters, A.J., (1995): ' Images in weather forecasting : a practical guide for interpreting satellite and radar imagery', Cambridge University Press, 499pp.

Houghton, J., (2002): ‘The physics of atmospheres', Cambridge University Press

McIlveen, J.F.R., (1992): ' Fundamentals of weather and climate', London, Chapman and Hall.

Rogers, R. R., and M. K., Yau (1991): `A short course in cloud physics’. Elsevier (Butterworth-Heinemann)

Broadcasting / production:

Ward, Peter, (2001): `Studio and outside broadcast camerawork', 2nd ed., Oxford: Focal Press.

Ward, Peter, (2000): `TV technical operations : an introduction', Oxford: Focal Press.

Millerson, Gerald, (1999): `Television production', 13th ed. Oxford: Focal Press.

Optional Extra Reading

Meteorology / forecasting:

Barry, R. G. and R. J. Chorley (2003): ‘Atmosphere, weather and climate’, Routledge

Haltiner, G. J., and R. T. Williams, 1980: `Numerical prediction and dynamic meteorology.’, Wiley

Holton, J. R. (2004): `An introduction to dynamic meteorology’, Elsevier (Academic Press)

Kalnay, E., (2003): `Atmospheric modeling, data assimilation, and predictability.' Cambridge University Press

Lynch, P., (2006): `The emergence of numerical weather prediction : Richardson's dream.' Cambridge University Press

Broadcasting / production:

Watts, Harris, (1997): On camera : essential know-how for programme-makers, London: Aavo, Theatre P-O WAT

Walls, Susan, (2005): `How to get a job in television' 2nd Ed., London: How To Books

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