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Module Reading List

Theory and Practice Module 4, 2021/22, Semester I06
Sharon Wood
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Essential Reading

BARBER, P. and D. ROBERTSON 2009. Essentials of pharmacology for nurses. Berkshire: Open University Press


JOSEPH ROWNTREE FOUNDATION 2006 Co-production by people outside paid employment

LAPHAM, R. and H. AGAR 2009. Drug calculations for nurses : a step-by-step approach(3rd Ed). London: Hodder Arnold

NICE 2012 support for commissioners and others: Patient experience in adult NHS services - Available online:

Realpe A and Wallace L M, 2010 What is co-production? The Health Foundation - Available online:

SHIHAB, P 2009 Numeracy in nursing and healthcare. Pearson Education Ltd. England

STARKINGS, S. and L. KRAUSE, 2010. Passing calculations tests for nursing students Exeter: Learning Matter Ltd  

THE HEALTH FOUNDATION, 2010 what is co-production?

PELZANG R 2010, Time to learn: understanding patient-centred care, British journal of nursing., 2010, Vol 19, No 14

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BERESFORD, P; ADSHEAD,L; CROFT,S. 2006 Palliative care, social work and service users : Making life possible.Jessica Kingsley

COULTER A, AND ELLINS J 2007 Effectiveness of strategies for informing, educating, and involving patients British medical journal. | Volume 335

Making Life better- a whole system, strategic framework for public health - Available online:

HARDCASTLE,M; KENNARD,D; GRANDISON,S; FAGIN,L (Eds) 2007 Experiences of mental health in-patient care : narratives from service users, carers, and professionals.Routledge UK

NHS England (2013) Putting Patients First business plan for 2013/14 – 2015/16 - Available online:

NHS COMMISSIONING BOARD 2013/14 everyone counts planning for patients 2013/14. - Available online:

NICE 2012 Patient experience in adult NHS services Quality standard-

The Research Scan – November 2015 Fast access to research about improving quality in healthcare PERSON-CENTRED CARE The Health Foundation - Available online:  

TRANSFORMING PARTICIPATION IN HEALTH AND CARE The NHS belongs to us all’ September 2013 NHS England - Available online:


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COYNE, I., F. NEILL and F. TIMMINS, 2010. (Eds) Clinical skills in children's nursing Oxford: Oxford University Press.

GLASPER, A. and J. RICHARDSON, (eds) 2010. A textbook of children’s and young people’s nursing. 2nd Edition London: Elsevier Ltd.

GLASPER, A., M. AYLOTT, and C. BATTRICK, 2010 (Eds) Developing practical skills for nursing children and young people London: Hodder Arnold Limited.

KELSEY, J. & G. McEWING, (Eds) Clinical skills in child health practice. London: Churchill Livingstone.

NEILL, S. and H. KNOWLES, 2004. The biology of child health : a reader in development and assessment Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.

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Clinical Skills

NASH M 2014 Physical health and well-being in mental health nursing : clinical skills for practice ISBN: 9780335233991 (pbk.) : £22.99; 9780335233984 (hbk.) : £65.00; 0335233988 (hbk.) : £65.00; 0335233996 (pbk.) : £22.99 2nd Edition Open University Press ch 7

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

BECK, A T, A J RUSH, B F SHAW 1979 Cognitive therapy of depression New York: Guilford Press

CLARKE, I; WILSON H (eds) 2008 Cognitive behaviour therapy for acute inpatient mental health units : working with clients, staff, and the milieu. Hove: Routledge

DEARY, V 2017 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Facts of Life (available at

MORRISON A et al (2008) Think you're crazy? think again : a resource book for cognitive therapy for psychosis Routledge

Dual Diagnosis

HUSSEIN RAHOOL, H 2006 Dual Diagnosis Nursing Blackwell Publishing

NICE 2007 Drug Misuse in over 16s: Psychological Interventions CG51 (NICE website) - Available online:

Mental Capacity Act/ DOLS

Dept of Health Mental Health Code of Practice – ch 13 (available on the Mental Health Act Commission Website) - Available online:

MIND 2015 MIND Guide to Advocacy (available on the MIND website) - Available online:  

Motivational Interviewing

WESTRA, H, ARKOWITZ H 2010 Combining Motivational Interviewing and CBT to Increase Efficiency for Generalised Anxiety Disorder in Sookman, D/ Leahy, R Treatment resistant anxiety disorders : resolving impasses to symptom remission ISBN: 9780415988919 (hardback ; alk. paper); 0415988918 (hardback ; alk. paper); 9781138881723 (paperback) Routledge

Partnership Working

ALLEN, R 2014 The Role of the Social Worker in Adult Mental Health Services College of Social Work (available on the College of Social Work website) - Available online:  

COLLEGE OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS 2007 Recovery Ordinary Lives College of OT (available on the College of OT website) - Available online:  

HAROUN, A; NAIMARK D 2011 Poker face in mental health practice : a primer on deception analysis and detection Norton

MCGONAGLE, I 2009 Values and Behaviours using the Ten Essential Shared Capabilities Journal of Mental Health Training Education and Practice ISSN: 1755-6228 4.2 13 (

MENTAL WELFARE COMMISSION FOR SCOTLAND 2013 Working with an Interpreter (available Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland website) - Available online:  

MURPHY, N Effective Transdisciplinary Team working in MURPHY, N; D MCVEY (eds) 2010 Treating personality disorder [electronic resource] / creating robust services for people with complex mental health needs ISBN: 9781136896743 (e-book); 9780415404808 (hbk.) Routledge


ANTHONY, W. A. (1993) Recovery from mental illness: The guiding vision of the mental health system in the 1990s Psychosocial Rehabilitation Journal 16 11-23 - Available online:

BASSET, T; STICKLEY, T. 2010 Voices of experience : narratives of mental health survivors ISBN: 9780470970348 (e-book) London: Wiley Blackwell

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CHALLIS, S. (2016) Making sense of peer support MIND Publishing - Available online:  

DEEGAN, P.E. (1988) Recovery: The lived experience of rehabilitation Psychosocial Rehabilitation Journal 9 (4) 11-19 - Available online:,-Training-and-Outreach-Programs/Signature-Classes/NAMI-Homefront/HF-Additional-Resources/HF15AR6LivedExpRehab.pdf  

HALL, A; WREN, M; KIRKBY S 2008 Care planning in mental health : promoting recovery ISBN: 9781405152853 (pbk. : alk. paper); 1405152850 (pbk. : alk. paper) Blackwell: London

JOHNSTON, S 2002 The naked bird watcher ISBN: 0954809203 (pbk.) : No price Helensburgh: The Cairn

ROYAL COLLEGE OF PSYCHIATRISTS SOCIAL INCLUSION SCOPING GROUP POSITION STATEMENT (2009) Mental health and social inclusion: Making psychiatry and mental health services fit for the 21st century

 REPPER, J; PERKINS R 2003 Social inclusion and recovery : a model for mental health practice London: Bailliere Tindall

RYAN, P; MORGAN S (2004) Assertive outreach : a strengths approach to policy and practice ISBN: 0443073759 (pbk) : £24.99 Churchill Livingston/ Elsevier

SHEPARD, G; BOARDMAN, J; SLADE M (2008) Making Recovery a Reality Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health: London - Available online:  

SLADE, M. (2009) 100 ways to Support Recovery Rethink: London - Available online:

TOGETHER / NSUN (2014) Service User Involvement in the delivery of mental health services Network For Mental Health: London - Available online:

TRENOWETH, S. & LARTER, A. (2008) Rebuilding lives: A critical look at the contemporary role of the mental health nurse In LYNCH, JE , TRENOWETH S (eds) Contemporary issues in mental health nursing ISBN: 9780470060551 (pbk.) : £24.99 Chichester: Wiley

TRENOWETH, S. (2017) Promoting recovery in mental health nursing ISBN: 9781473913059 (pbk.) : £17.99; 9781473913042 (hbk.) : £60.00; 9781473965812 (ePub ebook) : £13.99

WATKINS, P (2001) Mental health nursing : the art of compassionate care Edinburgh: Butterworth Heinemann

Recovery – Recovery Star

 DICKENS, G; WELEMINSKY, J; ONIFADE, Y; SUGARMAN, P (2012) Recovery Star: Validating User Recovery The Psychiatrist. ISSN: 1758-3209; 1758-3217 36 45-50

 KILLASPY, H, WHITE, S; KING, M (2012) Psychometric Properties of the Mental Health Recovery Star British Journal of Psychiatry. ISSN: 0007-1250 201 65-70


Cecilia McGlough I am not a monster Youtube. TED Talks - Available online:

COOKE, A 2014 Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia British Psychological Society - Available online:  

Cotton et al., 2009, Gender differences in premorbid, entry, treatment, and outcome characteristics in a treated epidemiological sample of 661 patients with first episode psychosis Schizophrenia research. ISSN: 0920-9964 114 1-3 pp 17-24

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV & V - American Psychiatric Association

Eleanor Longden Learning from voices in my head Youtube TED Talks - Available online:

FRITH, C; JOHNSTONE, E 2003 Schizophrenia : a very short introduction OUP

Mayo Clinic

Phil Borges Psychosis or spiritual awakening. Youtube TED Talks - Available online:


SCHIZOPHRENIA COMMISSION 2012 The Abandoned Illness Rethink - Available online:


THORNICROFT, G 2006 Shunned : discrimination against people with mental illness ISBN: 0198570988 (pbk.); 9780198570974 (hbk.); 019857097X (hbk.); 9780198570981 (pbk.) Open University Pres

Pharmacology & Drug Calculations

COHEN, D; E ATERE-ROBERTS 2005 Calculations for nursing and healthcare 2nd Edition Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan 

DOWNIE, G; MACKENZIE J & WILLIAM a 2008 Pharmacology and Medicines Management for Nurses 4th edition Edinburgh:Churchill Livingstone

EDMUNDS M.W., 2013 Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology 7th edition St Louis:Mosby

JAMBHEKER, S; BREEN, P; 2009 Basic Pharmacokinetics ISBN: 9780857110756 (e-book) London: Pharmaceutical Press  

KATZUNG, BG 2012 Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 12th edition New York: Lange

PROSSER, S; WORSTER, B, MACGREGOR J et al 2000 Applied pharmacology : an introduction to pathophysiology and drug management for nurses and health care professionals London:Mosby

RANG, HP et al 2012 Rang and Dale’s Pharmacology 7th edition Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone

Pharmacology – Side Effects

MATSUTOA S 2016 Medicines management in mental health nursing ISBN: 9780857250490 (pbk.); 0857250493 (pbk.) ch 11 & 12 Learning Matters

MONCRIEFF J 2015 Antipsychotic Maintenance Treatment: Time to Rethink PLoS medicine. ISSN: 1549-1277; 1549-1676 (electronic) 12 (8) (available PLOS website)

NASH M 2014 Physical health and well-being in mental health nursing : clinical skills for practice 2nd Edition Open University Press ch 8

NURSING AND MIDWIFERY COUNCIL 2012 NMC Standards for Medicine Management NMC (available on NMC website) - Available online:

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The psychologist.

Issues in Mental Health Nursing

British Journal of Guidance and Counselling.

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