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Evolution & Population Genetics Module Reading List

Evolution and Population Genetics, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr Simon Goodman
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Key books

Human Evolutionary Genetics ISBN: 0815341857; Jobling, Hollox, Kivisild, Tyler-Smith, Hurles, 2nd Edition, 2013; Garland Science; ISBN-10: 0815341482  

An introduction to molecular evolution and phylogenetics ISBN: 9780191070693 (e-book); Lindell Bromham, 2nd Edition 2016, Oxford University Press; ISBN-10: 0198736363  

A primer of population genetics ISBN: 0878933042 (pbk); DL Hartl, 3rd Edition. 1999, Sinauer Associates ISBN-10: 0878933042

Inferring phylogenies ISBN: 0878931775; Joseph Felsenstein, Sinauer Associates; 2nd ed. 2003 (A key advanced book; ISBN-10: 0878931775)

 Additional useful books

  • As a more advanced reference book try DL Hartl and A Clarke, ‘Principles of population genetics ISBN: 0878933085 (hbk.) : £52.99; 9780878933082 (hbk.) : £52.99’, 4th revised edn, 2007. Sinauer Associates (ISBN-10: 0878933085).
  • For molecular evolution and phylogenetics there are lots of options, but a good accessible up to date book is: Phylogenetic Trees Made Easy: A How-to Manual by Barry G. Hall, Sinaur 5th edition 2017 (ISBN-10: 1605357103).
  • Older titles covering core topics are: RDM Page & EC Holmes, Molecular evolution : a phylogenetic approach ISBN: 0865428891 (pbk), Blackwell, 1998 (ISBN-10: 0865428891) or Molecular evolution and phylogenetics ISBN: 0195135857 (pbk. ; cased) : No price; 0195135849, M Nei & S Kumar, Oxford University Press, 2000 (ISBN-10: 0195135857).
  • More introductory coverage, if needed, can be found in general textbooks on either genetics of evolutionary biology such as Weaver and Hedrick Genetics ISBN: 0071148752 (pbk); 0697160009’ or Freeman and Herron ‘Evolutionary Analysis’.

In addition key research papers will be flagged up during the lectures.

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