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GEOG2080 Reading List

Earth Surface Processes, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Dr Mark Smith
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Core reading

Anderson, R.S. and Anderson, S.P. 2010. Geomorphology : the mechanics and chemistry of landscapes. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Benn, D.I., and Evans, D.J.A., 2010. Glaciers and Glaciation. 2nd ed Hodder Arnold, London

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Beven, K.J., 2012. (2nd edition).Rainfall-runoff modelling : the primerWiley Blackwell, Chichester

Kirkby, M.J. 1978, 1991. (Editor) Hillslope hydrology. John Wiley, Chichester

Knighton, D., 1998. Fluvial Forms and Processes . Arnold: London

Paterson W.S.B. 1994. Physics of Glaciers, 3rd edition. Oxford. Pergamon

Price, R. J. 1973. Glacial and Fluvioglacial Landforms. Harlow: Longman

Ward, R.C. & Robinson, M. 2002. Principles of Hydrology. McGraw Hill: London.

Background reading

Beven, K.J. 2001.Rainfall-runoff modelling : the primer. Wiley

Bridge, J.S. 2003. Rivers and floodplains : forms, processes, and sedimentary record. Blackwell: Oxford, 419 pp

Charlton, R. 2007. Fundamentals of Fluvial Geomorphology. London: Routledge.

Evans, D J. A, 1994. Cold climate landforms. Wiley

Hambrey, M. J, and Alean J. 2004. Glaciers 2nd Edition Cambridge University Press

Hornberger, G.F. et al., 2014. Elements of physical hydrology.

Jones, J.A.A. 1997. Global hydrology : processes, resources and environmental management. Longman.

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Sugden, D.E. & John, B.S. 1976. Glaciers and landscape : a geomorphological approach. Edward Arnold, London

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