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Module Reading List

Global Perspectives on Enterprise, 2021/22, Semester 1
Isla Kapasi
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

de Groot, H. L. F., Nijkamp, P., Stough, R. R., (2004) "Entrepreneurship and regional economic development : a spatial perspective" UK: Edward Elgar

Hjorth, D and Steyaert, C (2009) "The politics and aesthetics of entrepreneurship"; UK: Edward Elgar

Kaynak, E., R. Ajami and M. Marie Bear (2006) " The global enterprise : entrepreneurship and value creation "New York: International Business Press [Chapter 4] EBook available

Mole, K. and Ram, M. (2012) "Perspectives in entrepreneurship : a critical approach ISBN: 9780230241107; 0230241107" UK: Palgrave Macmillan 

Morrison, A (1998) "Entrepreneurship : an international perspective" UK: Butterworth Heinemann    

Roper, S. (2013) "Entrepreneurship : a global perspective ISBN: 9781136249372 (e-book)" UK: Routledge  

Usui, C. (2011) "Comparative entrepreneurship initiatives : studies in China, Japan, and the USA" UK: Palgrave Macmillan

Parker, S. (2004) "The economics of self-employment and entrepreneurshipCambridge: Cambridge University Press 

Mallet, O. and Wapshott, R. (2020) "A History of Enterprise Policy" New York, NY: Routledge 

Dana, L-P. (2014) "Asian models of entrepreneurship: from the Indian Union and Nepal to the Japanese" Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co. 

Chatfield, T. (2018) Critical Thinking Sage Publications Ltd.: London

Wallace, M. and Wray, A. (2016) Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates Sage Publications Ltd.: London

Shon, P. (2012) How to Read Journal Articles in the Social Sciences  Sage Publications Ltd.: London

Duarte, N. (2008) Slide:ology - The art and science of creating great presentations O'Reilly Media, Inc.: Sebastopol, CA

Please note that further reading is required and additional texts may be recommended to you as the course progresses.

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