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Module Reading List

European Business, 2021/22, Semester 1
Jeremy Clegg
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

The items below overlap and cover the basic elements of the module. For selective and current reading, please see the additional reading list BY LECTURE on VLE

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Reading list and Resources

Harris, Phil and Frank McDonald (2004) European business and marketing Sage Publications

Johnson, Debra and Colin Turner (2006) European Business (2 nd ed.) Routledge.

Mercado, Simon; Welford, Richard and Kate Prescott (2001) European business. (4th ed.)

Suder, Gabriele (2011) Doing business in Europe (2 nd ed.), Sage

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Further reading

Artis, Mike and Nixson, Frederick (editors) (2007) The Economics of the European Union (4 th ed.) Oxford University Press

Crane, Robert (2000) European business cultures  

Daniels, J.D (2011) International Business Environments and Operations (13 th ed), Pearson

De Grauwe, Paul (2012) The Economics of Monetary Union, (9 th ed) Oxford University Press

Dicken, Peter, (2011) Global Shift: mapping the changing contours of the world economy (6th ed.), Sage  

Dunning, John H, (2002) Regions, Globalization and The Knowledge-Based Economy, Oxford University Press

Dyson, Kenneth, (2002) European States and the Euro Oxford University Press

El-Agraa, A. M. (2000), The European Union: Economics and Policies, London: Prentice Hall Europe. (Titles of earlier editions: ‘The European Union: history, institutions, economics and policies', ‘The Economics of the European Community’).

Hughes, Michael and James Taggart (2001) International business : European dimensions, Palgrave

Lawrence, Peter and Vincent Edwards, (1999) Management in Western Europe Macmillan

McDonald, Frank and Stephen Dearden, (2005) European Economic Integration (3rd edition) Addison Wesley

Mayhew, Alan, (1998) Recreating Europe : the European Union's policy towards Central and Eastern Europe Cambridge University Press

Montezemolo, Gianni (1999) Europe Incorporated : the new challenge Wiley and Sons

Simons, George F. (2002) Eurodiversity : a business guide to managing difference(Managing Cultural Differences) Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd  

Whittington, Richard and Michael Mayer, (2002) The European corporation : strategy, structure, and social science Oxford University Press

The economist. 2001 Survey: European Union Enlargement May 17 th 2001

The economist. 2003 Survey: EU Enlargement, November 22 nd 2003

The economist. 2004, Survey: European Union, Sep 23 rd 2004

The economist. 2005a The euro and its troubles Jun 9th 2005

The economist. 2005b Survey: The EU’s Eastern Borders, June 25 th 2005

The economist. 2006a An uncommon current Nov 16th 2006

The economist. 2006b The euro area's economy Feeling fitter Oct 5th 2006

The economist. 2007, Survey: European Business, February 10 th 2007

UNCTAD, World Investment Report

World Investment Report is an annual publication by UNCTAD.  Copies from previous years are available in the University Library [search for World Investment Report on the library catalogue)

Please Note:  Many readings are alternatives. A list of other relevant books is given in the additional bibliography at the end of this document.  A great deal of information on European business is also available in the press and on the internet.  Useful sites for research include:

European Union

The Economist

Financial Times

Europe Business Daily

International Monetary Fund


Geoinvestor (for country information links)  

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Bennett, Roger, (1997) European business Financial Times Prentice Hall

Brewer, Thomas, Paul Brenton and Gavin Boyd, 2002 Globalizing Europe : deepening integration, alliance capitalism, and structural statecraft Edward Elgar

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Clegg, Jeremy (1998) ‘The Determinants of Intra-European Foreign Direct Investment Flows: Market Integration and Policy Issues’, in Globalization and regionalization : strategies, policies, and economic environments [Special issue of Journal of transnational management development ISSN: 1068-6061], pp. 89-129.

Clegg, Jeremy (1996) 'United States Foreign Direct Investment in the European Community: The Effects of Market Integration in Perspective', in Burton, F., M. Yamin, and S Young (eds) International business and Europe in transition, London: Macmillan, pp. 189-206.

Clegg, Jeremy and Susan Scott-Green (1998) ‘The Determinants of Japanese Foreign Direct Investment Flows to the European Community, 1963-1990’, in J-L. Mucchielli (ed.) Research in global strategic management edited by Alan M. Rugman Vol. 6, Multinational location strategy., edited by Alan M. Rugman, JAI Press.

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