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Module Reading List

Professionalism & Ethics for Actuaries, 2021/22, Semester K03
Alan Duboisee de Ricquebourg
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

No required reading.

Further Reading

Louis P. Pojman, Chapter 2: ‘Ethical Relativism’ from Ethics: Discovering Right and Wrong, 5th Edition, (Belmont: Thomson, 2006).   OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (fad 15/05/2020) 



Required Reading

Friedson, Eliot, Professionalism reborn : theory, prophecy, and policy, (Cambridge: Polity Press, 1994), Chapter 9         OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (fad 15/05/2020) 

Bennion, F.A.R., Professional ethics : the consultant professions and their code, (London: C. Knight, 1969), Chapter 1.     OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (fad 15/05/2020) 

Further Reading

Illich, Ivan, Deschooling Society, (London: Marion Boyars, 2002), Chapter 6.    OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (fad 15/05/2020) 

Kipnis, Kenneth, ‘Professional Responsibility and the Responsibility of Professionals’, in Robison and Wade (eds.), Profits and professions : essays in business and professional ethics (Clifton, Humana Press, 1983).



Required Reading

IFoA. The Actuaries’ Code. 2019.  URL =  

Beyerstein, Dale, ‘The Functions and Limitations of Professional Codes of Ethics’ in Winkler, E.R., and Coombs, J.R. (eds.), Applied ethics : a reader, (Blackwell, 1993).    OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (fad 15/05/2020) 

Davis, Michael, ‘Thinking Like an Engineer: The Place of a Code of Ethics in the Practice of a Profession’,Philosophy & public affairs., 20/2 (1991): 150-167.  

Further Reading

Frankel, M.S., ‘Professional Codes: Why, How, and with What Impact? ’, Journal of business ethics. 8 (1989): 109-115. 



Required Reading

Mawer, Philip, ‘Public Trust in the Professions’, 2010.  URL =  

O'Neill, Onora, ‘A question of trust ’, Reith Lectures, (BBC, 2002). There are five lectures, you should read lectures 1,3,4 &5 (they are quite short). The lectures are also available as audio recordings.  Both written and audio copies are available at  

O’Neill, Onora, ‘A Point of View: Which Comes First, Trust or Trustworthiness?’, (BBC, 2012).  Written copy available at  Audio copy at  

Further Reading

Brien, Andrew, ‘Professional Ethics and the Culture of Trust’, Journal of business ethics., 17 (1998): 391-409.  

Gambetta, Diego, (ed.), Trust: Making and Breaking Cooperative Relations, (Oxford: Blackwell, 1988).

Hardin, Russell, Trust, (Cambridge: Polity, 2006).

Jackson Jennifer, Truth, trust and medicine, (London: Routledge, 2001).

Kuhse, H. and P. Singer, (eds.),  A companion to bioethics, (Blackwell, 2001), Part IX, Section on Truth-telling.

O'Neill, Onora, Autonomy and trust in bioethics, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002).

O'Neill, Onora, A question of trust (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002).

Pellegrino, Edmund D., ‘Trust and Distrust in Professional Ethics’, in Edmund D. Pellegrino, Robert M. Veatch and John P. Langan (eds.),  Ethics, trust, and the professions : philosophical and cultural aspects (Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press, 1991); other chapters in this collection also relevant.

Strudler, Alan, ‘Deception and trust’, in Clarence Martin (ed.), The philosophy of deception (New York: Oxford University Press, 2009).



Required reading

Jennings, Callahan & Wolf, ‘The Professions: Public Interest and Common Good’, Hastings Centre Report, vol. 17, issue no. 1, 1987.  

Further reading

Barry, B M and Rees, W J, ‘The Public Interest’, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Supplementary Volumes, 38, 1-38 

Benditt, Theodore M, ‘The Public Interest’, Philosophy & Public Affairs, 2:3 (1973), 291-311 

Braybrooke, David, The Public Interest: The Present and Future of the Concept, in Friedrich, Carl J (ed.), NOMOS V: The Public Interest, (New York: Atherton Press, 1962) 

Douglass, Bruce, ‘The Common Good and the Public Interest’, Political Theory, 8:1, (1980), 103-117 

Fisher, James, Gunz, Sally and McCutcheon, John, ‘Private/Public Interest and the Enforcement of a Code of Professional Conduct’, Journal of Business Ethics, 31:3, (2001), 191-207 

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, Acting in the Public Interest: A Framework for Analysis, 2012, URL =  [OK – online]



Required Reading

Mendus, Susan, Politics and Morality, (Cambridge: Polity, 2009), Chapter 1 (pp. 14-36).      OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (fad 15/05/2020) 

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, ‘Real Integrity: Practical Solutions for Organisations Seeking to Promote and Encourage Integrity’, (London: ICAEW, 2012).  

Available online at:

Further Reading

Audi, Robert and Patrick E. Murphy, ‘The Many Faces of Integrity’, Business ethics quarterly, 16/1 (2000): 3-21.

Becker, Thomas E., ‘Integrity in Organizations: Beyond Honesty and Conscientiousness’, The Academy of Management review., 23/1 (1998): 154-161.

Cox, Damian, Marguerite La Caze and Michael Levine, ‘Integrity’ in Edward N. Zalta (ed.)  Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy, 2006 [electronic resource]

McFall, Lynne, ‘Integrity’, Ethics. 98/1 (1987): 5-20.

Montefiore, Alan and David Vines (eds.),  Integrity in the public and private domains, (London: Routledge, 1999).

Graham, Jody L., ‘Does Integrity Require Moral Goodness? ’, Ratio. (new series) XIV (2001): 234-251.



Required Reading

Gunz, Sally, and Sandra van der Laan. "Actuaries, Conflicts of Interest and Professional Independence: The Case of James Hardie Industries Limited." Journal of business ethics 98.4 (2011): 583-596.   

Further Reading

Gunz, Sally, John McCutcheon, and Frank Reynolds. "Independence, conflict of interest and the actuarial profession." Journal of business ethics 89.1 (2009): 77-89.  

Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, ‘Conflicts of Interest: A Guide for Actuaries’, (Faculty of Actuaries, Edinburgh, 2012)

Available at


Required Reading

Bok, S., “The Limits of Confidentiality, The Hastings Centre Report, 13/1 (1983), 24-31   

Bennion, F.A.R., (1969) Chapter 5 "Discretion: the secure confidant" . FROM: Bennion, F.A.R., Professional ethics : the consultant professions and their code. pp.70-80. London: C. Knight.  OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (fad 15/05/2020)  

Armstrong, M , (1998) Confidentiality, General Issues of. FROM: Chadwick, R, Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics. v.1. pp.579-582. California: Academic Press.     OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (HT 21/04/2020) 

Available online via BibliU until 31 July 2020. Direct link
The title will only be available via the direct link, you can’t find it using the Library search.



Required Reading

Schinzinger, Roland, Introduction to Engineering Ethics (Boston: McGraw-Hill, 2000), Chapter 5. (ONLY pp. 167-181 ARE REQUIRED)    OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (fad 15/05/2020)  

Syal, R., Whistleblowers’ Claims of Wrongdoing being Ignored (2013), The Guardian, 14 May 2013 

IFoA, Whistleblowing: A Guide for Actuaries.  2015.  URL =

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