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Reading List THEO3280

Religion, Politics and the Future, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Stefan Skrimshire
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


Hoelzl, M. and Ward, G. (eds) Religion and political thought (London: Continuum, 2006) [EBook]

McLellan, D. Political Christianity : a reader (SPCK, 1997)

Cavanaugh, W. and Scott, P. (eds) The Blackwell companion to political theology (Oxford: Blackwell, 2004) [EBook]

De Gruchy, J. Christianity and democracy : a theology for a just world order (Cambridge: CUP, 1995) Chapter 3

Philips, E. Political theology : a guide for the perplexed. (T&T Clark, 2012) [Ebook]


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Week 1 Introduction

Core reading

 Ruether, R.R. Gaia and God Chapter 1     Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva

Further reading

Forrester, D. Theology and politics (Oxford: Blackwell, 1988) Chapter 1* 

Cox, H. The secular city : secularization and urbanization in theological perspective (1965) [EBook]

Eliade, M. The Myth of the Eternal Return trans. Willard R. Trask (Princeton: PUP, 1991) Chapter 3

McLellan, D. Unto Caesar : the political relevance of Christianity (London: University of Notre Dame  Press, 1993) 

 Cohn, N. Cosmos, Chaos and the World to Come (London: Yale, 2001) 


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Week 2 Christianity and the Saeculum

Core reading

Schussler Fiorenza, Changing Horizons: Explorations in Feminist Interpretation Chapter 9 [E-Book]

Rowland, C. ‘Scripture: New Testament’ in Cavanaugh, W. & Scott, P. (eds) The Blackwell Companion to Political Theology (Oxford: Blackwell, 2004) Chapter 2 [EBook]

Further reading

Schussler Fiorenza, E. The Power of the Word: Scripture and the Rhetoric of Empire*         OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (AJ 12/08/2021)  

Rowland, C. Radical Christianity: a Reading of Recovery (Oxford: Blackwell, 1988), Chapter 1, ‘Radical Christianity: roots and branches’  

Markus, R.A. Christianity and the Secular chapter 1.

Cohn, N. Cosmos, Chaos and the World to Come (London: Yale, 2001) Chapter 11

O’Donovan, O. And O’Donovan, J.L., Bonds of imperfection : Christian politics, past and present (Cambridge: Eerdman’s, 2004)


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Week 3 Augustine' Two Cities

Core reading

 Hoelz, M. and Ward, G. (eds) Religion and Political Thought, Chapter 1 [Ebook]  

Further reading

Daley, Brian The hope of the early church : a handbook of Patristic eschatology (Massachusetts: Hendrickson, 2003)

Dyson, R. St Augustine of Hippo : the Christian transformation of political philosophy (London: Continuum, 2005)

Elshtain, J.B. “Augustine” in Scott, P. and Cavanaugh, W.T. (eds) The Blackwell Companion to Political Theology pp. 42-44 [EBook]

Elshtain, J.B. Augustine and the limits of politics  (1995)

Hollingworth, M. The pilgrim city : social and political ideas in the writings of St. Augustine of Hippo (London: T&T Clark, 2010)

Kaufman, P.I. Redeeming politics (Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1990) Chapter 7  

Markus, R.A., Saeculum : history and society in the theology of St. Augustine (Cambridge: CUP, 1970)

Markus, R.A., Christianity and the secular  (Indiana: University of Notre Dame, 2006) 


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Week 4 Church / State separation

Core reading

Hoelz, M. and Ward, G. (eds) Religion and Political Thought, Chapter 4 [Ebook]

Karen Bloomquist, “Transforming Domination Then and Now” in  Grenholm, C-H and Gunner, G. (eds) Lutheran Identity and Political Theology, Chapter 13

Further reading

Bainton, R.H. Here I Stand: a Life of Martin Luther (1990)

Crouse, R.C. (ed) Two Kingdoms & Two Cities: Mapping Theological Traditions of Church, Culture, and Civil Order (Augsberg Fortress, 2017)

Forrester, D. Theology and politics (Oxford: Blackwell), pp.29-34

Gregory, B. The unintended Reformation : how a religious revolution secularized society (2012)

Lohse, B. Martin Luther : an introduction to his life and work (1987)

Lohse, B. Martin Luther (Augsburg, Fortress Press, 2000) 

Mitchell, J. 'Protestant Thought and Republican Spirit: How Luther Enchanted the World', The American political science review.Vol. 86, No. 3 (Sep., 1992), pp. 688-695

Nessan, C. 'Reappropriating Luther's Two Kingdoms', Lutheran Quarterly  2005, vol. 19, 302-311,

O’Donovan and O’Donovan (eds) From Irenaeus to Grotius pp. 581-584

Stephenson, J.R. 'The Two Governments and the Two Kingdoms in Luther's Thought' Volume 34Issue 4, August 1981 , pp. 321-337

Szabari, A. "The Scandal of Religion: Luther and Public Speech in the Reformation" in DE Vries and Sullivan (eds) Political Theologies (Fordham: 2006) pp.122-136    

Skinner, Q. The Foundations of Modern Political Thought (Cambridge: CUP, 1978)


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Week 5 Marx's Critique of Religion

Core reading

Kamenka, E. (ed) The Portable Karl Marx (Penguin, 1983), pp. 115-124    OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (HT 22/09/2021) 

Dietrich, G. “Religious Resistance: a Flower on the Chain or a Tunnel to Liberation?” in Marxist-Feminist Theories and Struggles Today Ch. 13 [E-Book]

Further reading

Kee, A. Marx and the failure of liberation theology London: SCM, 1990)

Lash, N. A matter of hope : a theologian's reflections on the thought of Karl Marx (London: Darton, Longman and Todd, 1982) Chapter 18
  Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Marx, K. and Engels, F. The Communist manifesto ed. David McLellan (Oxford: OUP, 1992)

McLellan, D. Marxism and religion : a description and assessment of the Marxist critique of Christianity (London: Macmillan Press, 1987) Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE

Bentley, J. Between Marx and Christ : the dialogue in German-speaking Europe 1870-1970 (London: Verso, 1982).

Rogers, M., Konieczny, M.E. "Does religion always help the poor? Variations in religion and social class in the west and societies in the global south". Palgrave Commun 4, 73 (2018).   

Newman, Amy. "Feminist Social Criticism and Marx's Theory of Religion." Hypatia 9, no. 4 (1994): 15-37. Accessed July 29, 2021. [E-article in Library] 


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Week 6 Utopianism and Religion

Core reading

Moltmann, J. The experiment hope (London: SCM Press, 1975) Chapter 2      OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (AJ 13/08/2021) 

Albertson and Blakely, “From Here to Utopia: what religion can teach the left” Commonweal Magazine May 2021 

Further reading

Bentley, J. Between Marx and Christ: The Dialogue in German-speaking Europe, 1870-1970 (London: Verso, 1982), Chapter 5   OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (AJ 13/08/2021) 

Bloch, Ernst, The spirit of Utopia, trans. by Anthony A. Nassar (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2000).

Bloch, Ernst , The principle of hope , trans. by Neville Plaice, Stephen Plaice and Paul Knight (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1986) Introduction. Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE

Cavanaugh, Covey and Bailey (eds) Eerdman's Reader in Contemporary Political Theology Chapter 13   Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Cook, V. Spiritual Socialists: Religion and the American Left (Pennsylvania Press, 2019)

Bloch, E. Man on his own : essays in the philosophy of religion trans. E.B. Ashton (London: Herder and Herder, 1970)

Hudson, W. The Marxist philosophy of Ernst Bloch (London: Macmillan, 1982)

Matthew Rose, "Our Secular Theodicy" First Things: A Monthly Journal of Religion and Public Life(Issue 278)

Moylan, T. Becoming Utopian (Bloomsbury, 2020)

Mendieta, E. The Frankfurt School and Religion  pp.41-60 (Routledge, 2005) [E-Book]  

Weil, S. Oppression and Liberty Chapter "Fragments" pp.147-159 (London: Routledge, 1958) [E-Book]

West, C. Prophetic Fragments (Eerdman's 1998) pp.3-21; 38-49      Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Grey, M. "Living without dreams: is there a spirituality for justice in a globalized world?" in Storrar and Morton (ed) Public Theology for the 21st Century (T&T Clark 2004) Chapter 14   Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 


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Week 7 - Liberal Democracy and 'Progress'

Core reading

Woodhead, L. “Liberal religion and illiberal secularism” in Evans, Modood and Rivers (eds), Religion in a Liberal State (Cambridge: CUP 2013) Chapter 4 [E-Book].

Further reading

Crimmins, J.E. Religion, secularization and political thought : Thomas Hobbes to J.S. Mill (London: Routledge, 1990)

Beaumont, J. and Cloke, P. Faith-based organisations and exclusion in European cities (London: Polity, 2012)

Bobbio, N. Liberalism and Democracy (London: Verso, 1990)

Bretherton, L. Christianity and contemporary politics : the conditions and possibilities of faithful witness (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010)

Fukuyama, F. The end of history and the last man (London: Penguin Books, 1992). [ ]

Insole, C. The politics of human frailty : a theological defence of political liberalism (London: SCM Press, 2004)

Nicholls, D. Deity and domination : images of god and the state in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (London: Routledge, 1994)

Song, R. Christianity and liberal society (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1975)

Choudhury C. A. "Empowerment or Estrangement? Liberal Feminism's Visions of the 'Progress' of Muslim Women, University of Baltimore Law Forum Spring 2009, Vol. 39, No. 2   Available online 

Witte, J. Christianity and Democracy in Global Context (2019)

Maddox, G. Religion and the Rise of Democracy. London: Routledge, 1995 


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Week 8 American Millennialism

Core reading

Northcott, Michael, An angel directs the storm : apocalyptic religion and American empire (London: I.B.Tauris & Co., 2004) pp.14-25 [E-Book]

Stone, J. "Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century American Millennialisms"in Wessinger (ed) The Oxford Handbook of Millennialism (OUP: 2011) [E-Book]  Ch.25

Further reading

Insole, C. The Politics of Human Frailty, pp. 87-102   Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Moltmann et al (eds) Religion and Political Society Chapter 2. - Bryant, M.D. ‘America as God’s Kingdom’  Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Newport, K. and Gribben, C. Expecting the end : millennialism in social and historical context (Baylor University Press, 2006)

Newport, K Apocalypse and millennium : studies in biblical eisegesis (Cambridge University Press, 2008).

O'Leary, S. Arguing the apocalypse : a theory of millennial rhetoric (OUP, 1994).

Pesantubee, M.E. "Native American Geopolitical, Georestorative Movements" in Wessinger (ed) The Oxford Handbook of Millennialism (OUP: 2011) [E-Book]  

Tuveson, E.L. Redeemer nation : the idea of America's millennial rol e, new edition (University of Chicago Press, 1980)

Wessinger, C. (ed) The Oxford handbook of millennialism (New York: USA OUP, 2011)

Zakai, A. Exile and kingdom : history and apocalypse in the Puritan migration to America ISBN: 0521403812 (Cambridge: CUP, 1992) Chapter 1 [E-Book]

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Week 9 Christianity, Judaism and Theologies of the Future

Core reading

Spector, S. Evangelicals and Israel: The story of Christian Zionism chapters 2 and 9 [E-Book]. 

Paul Rogers, ‘Trump, Pence, Jerusalem: the Christian Zionism connection, Open Democracy 

Further reading

Aldrovandi, C. "Theo-Politics in the Holy Land: Christian Zionism and Jewish Religious Zionism" Religion Compass 2011

Spector, S. Evangelicals and Israel: The story of Christian Zionism (2008) [E-Book]

Göran Gunner, Robert O. Smith (eds) Comprehending Christian Zionism: Perspectives in Comparison

(Fortress, 2014)

Goldman, S. God's Country: Christian Zionism in America (Pennysylvania Press, 2018)

O'Leary, S. Arguing the Apocalypse (OUP, 1994) Chapter 7    

Philips, E. "'We've Read the End of the Book': An Engagement with Contemporary Christian Zionism Through the Eschatology of John Howard Yoder" Studies in Christian Ethics 2008.

Shapiro, F.L. Christian Zionism: Navigating the Jewish-Christian Border (Cascade, 2015)

Sizer, S. Christian Zionism: Road-Map To Armageddon? (IVP, 2004)

Sturm, T. "Christian Zionism as Religious Nationalism Par Excellence" Brown Journal of World Affairs Vol. xxiv, Issue 1, 2017.

Yaakov, A. "An Unexpected Alliance: Christian Zionism and its Historical Significance" Modern Judaism 2006 pp.74-100.


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Week 7 - Politics and the Future in Hebrew Thought

Core reading

Tipton, B.J "A Backward Glance for a Queer Utopian Future: Genesis, Climate Change and Hope as a Hermeneutic". Biblical Interpretation; a Journal of Contemporary Approaches, 28,4 (2020) 466-494 [Online in the Library]

Further reading

Walzer, M. Conquest and Holy War, in In God's Shadow Politics in the Hebrew Bible (Yale University Press, 2012), Chapter 3     


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Week 11 Apocalyptic in Contemporary Politics

Core reading

 Keller, C. God and Power (Fortress Press, 2005), Chapter 1    Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Further reading

Forrester, D. Apocalypse now? : reflections on faith in a time of terror (London: Ashgate, 2005)

Gray, J. Black Mass Ch. 4, ‘The Americanization of the Apocalypse’ 

Keller, C. Apocalypse Now and Then.

Lincoln, B. Holy terrors : thinking about religion after September 11 (University of Chicago Press, 2006)

Frilingos, C.A. Spectacles of empire : monsters, martyrs, and the book of Revelation (University of Pennysylvania Press, 2013)


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[Eschatology and Apocalypse literature] 

Baukham, R. The climax of prophecy : studies on the Book of Revelation

Bauckham, R. Hope against hope : Christian eschatology at the turn of the millennium

Cohn, N. The pursuit of the millennium : revolutionary millenarians and mystical anarchists of the Middle Ages, revised and expanded (New York: Oxford University Press, [1957] 1970).

Collins, John J. The apocalyptic imagination : an introduction to Jewish apocalyptic literature (1984)

Collins, A.Y. Crisis and catharsis : the power of the Apocalypse (Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1984).

Ferguson, David and Marcel Sarot, eds , The future as God's gift : explorations in Christian eschatology (Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2000).

La Due, W. J. The Trinity guide to eschatology (London: Continuum, 2004)

Moltmann, J, The coming of God : Christian eschatology trans. By Margaret Kohl (London: SCM Press, 1996).

Moltmann, J. The experiment hope (London: SCM Press, 1975)

Pennington, E. Feminist eschatology : embodied futures ISBN: 9781472472205 (hardback : alk. paper) (London: Routledge, 2017)

Rowland, C. And Kovacks, J. Revelation (Oxford: Blackwell, 2004)

Walls, J.L. (ed) The Oxford handbook of eschatology (Oxford: OUP)

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