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Module HECS 2189 Reading List

Midwifery Theory and Practice 1, 2021/22, Semester 1
Natalie Van der Gucht
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Essential reading

Blackburn, S. 2017. Maternal, fetal and neonatal physiology: a clinical perspective. 5th Ed. Maryland: WB Saunders. 

Bothamley J. and Boyle, M. 2009. Medical conditions affecting pregnancy and childbirth. Oxford: Radcliffe Publishing.

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Jacobson, K. Introduction to Health Research Methods: A practical guide. 2021. Burlington: Jones and Bartlett.

Johnson, R. and Taylor, W. 2011. Skills for Midwifery Practice. 3rd Ed. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone.  

Jordan, S. 2010. Pharmacology for midwives: the evidence base for safe practice. New York: Palgrave Publishers Ltd

Leap, N. and Hunter, B. 2016. Supporting women for labour and birth: a thoughtful guide ISBN: 9781317390992 (e-book). Routledge

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National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. 2014. Intrapartum Care: care of healthy women and their babies during childbirth. NICE. Available from

Rankin, J. 2017. Physiology in Childbearing. 4th Edition. London. Elsevier. 

Robson, S. and Waugh, J. 2013. Medical disorders in pregnancy: a manual for midwives 2nd Ed. Chichester: Blackwell. 

Wylie, L. and Brice, H. 2016. The midwives' guide to key medical conditions: pregnancy and childbirth. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier. 

Papers used during module sessions:

Individual recommendations will also be given prior to specific sessions

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Byrom, S. and Downe, S. 2015 The roar behind the silence: why kindness, compassion and respect matter in maternity care. London: Pinter and Martin

Byrom, S. and Downe, S. 2019. Squaring the circle: normal birth research, theory and practice in a technological age. London: Pinter and Martin.

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