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Module Reading List

Creative Industries Management, 2021/22, Semester 1
James Roberts
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Creative industries management – 2018/19

Reading list

Background reading

Albarran A.B, Chan-Olmsted S.M, Wirth M.O. 2006. Handbook of media management and economics ISBN: 9780805850048 (pbk.); 9780805850031 (hbk.); 0805850031 (hbk.); 080585004X (pbk.). London: Routledge

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Lecture 1: Introduction

Primarily background reading from some of the major schools of the study of media / creative industries.

Adorno, T and Horkheimer, M. 1977/1944. The culture industry: enlightenments as mass deception, in Curren, J., Gurevitch M., and Wollacot J (eds). Mass Communication and Society. London: Edward Arnold

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Lecture 3:  Broadcasting

Bielby, W.T. & Bielby, D.D. 1994. All hits are flukes: institutional decision making and the rhetoric of prime time network programme development. American Journal of Sociology. ISSN: 0002-9602. 99, pp.1287-1313

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Lecture 4: Music and packaged media

Cohen, S. 1991. Rock culture in Liverpool : popular music in the making ISBN: 0198161786. Oxford: Clarendon Press

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Lecture 5: Performing arts

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Lecture 6: organisation, labour and management

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