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Literature of the Romantic Period, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr Jeremy Davies
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Advance notice: primary texts for 2022/23

For students taking Literature of the Romantic Period in semester 2, 2022/23, there will be one change to the 2021/22 reading list below. The four texts for purchase in spring 2023 will be:

The Norton anthology of English literature. Volume D, The Romantic period. , ed. by Deidre Shauna Lynch (New York: Norton, 2018) [Vol. D of The Norton Anthology of English Literature, 10th edn, gen. ed. Stephen Greenblatt]   

Olaudah Equiano, The Interesting Narrative (1789) [ed. Brycchan Carey, Oxford World's Classics]

Mary Wollstonecraft, Letters written in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark (1796) [ed. Tone Brekke and Jon Mee, Oxford World's Classics]

Jane Austen, Persuasion (1817) [ed. James Kinsley with Deidre Shauna Lynch, Oxford World's Classics]


The main bibliography for this course is the one that comes with our anthology, The Romantic Period, edited by Deidre Lynch. It offers a detailed descriptive guide to criticism and scholarship, covering the Romantic period in general and the texts included in the anthology in particular. Bibliographies for Caleb Williams , Letters written in Sweden and Persuasion are found in the set editions of the texts.

This reading list supplements those other bibliographies with a more concise selection of work on Caleb Williams, Letters written in Sweden and Persuasion, and with a choice of books published after 2009 (the last year covered fully by the main bibliography).

Both the main bibliography and this reading list focus on books, but much important work also appears in journals. Major journals for our period include Studies in Romanticism, Romanticism, European Romantic Review, and Wordsworth Circle. The library subscribes to online editions of them all. Many other relevant sources can be found by searching the library catalogue, and (via the catalogue) online resources such as JSTOR, Project Muse, and the MLA International Bibliography. An increasing number of the books below are available online.

Primary Texts

The Norton anthology of English literature. Volume D, The Romantic period. , ed. by Deidre Shauna Lynch (New York: Norton, 2018) [Vol. D of The Norton Anthology of English Literature, 10th edn, gen. ed. Stephen Greenblatt]   

William Godwin, Caleb Williams (1794) [ed. Pamela Clemit, Oxford World’s Classics]

Mary Wollstonecraft, Letters written in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark (1796) [ed. Tone Brekke and Jon Mee, Oxford World's Classics]

Jane Austen, Persuasion (1817) [ed. James Kinsley with Deidre Shauna Lynch, Oxford World's Classics]

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Godwin and Caleb Williams

Anderson, Emily R., '"I Will Unfold A Tale—!": Narrative, Epistemology, and Caleb Williams,' Eighteenth-century fiction., 22 (2009), 99-114

Butler, Marilyn, ‘Godwin, Burke, and Caleb Williams ’, Essays in Criticism, 32 (1982), 237-57

Clemit, Pamela, The Godwinian Novel: The Rational Fictions of Godwin, Brockden Brown, Mary Shelley (1993)

Fludernik,Monika,' Caleb Williams: The Tarnishing of the Sublime', ELH.,68 (2001), 857-96

Jones, Anna Maria, '"What should make thee inaccessible to my fury? ": Gothic Self‐Possession, Revenge, and the Doctrine of Necessity in William Godwin’s Caleb Williams ', European Romantic Review, 22 (2011), 137-54

Kelly, Gary, The English Jacobin Novel, 1780-1805 (1976)

Myers, Mitzi, 'Godwin's Changing Conception of Caleb Williams,' Studies in English literature, 1500-1900., 12 (1972), 591-628

Philp, Mark, Godwin's Political Justice (1986) Chapter 5 available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva

Rajan,Tilottama,'Judging Justice:Godwin's Critique of Judgment in Caleb Williams and Other Novels,' The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation, 51 (2010), 341-62

Simms, Karl M., ‘Caleb Williams’ Godwin: Things as They are Written’, Studies in Romanticism, 26 (1987), 343-63

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Wollstonecraft and Letters written in Sweden

Favret, Mary, Romantic Correspondence: Women, Politics and the Fiction of Letters (1993) Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva.

Jacobus, Mary, First Things: The Maternal Imaginary in Literature, Art, and Psychoanalysis (1995) Extract available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva.

Johnson, Claudia, The Cambridge Companion to Mary Wollstonecraft (2002)

Moore, Jane, ‘Plagiarism with a Difference: Subjectivity in ‘Kubla Khan’ and Letters Written During a Short Residence in Sweden, Norway and Denmark ’, in Beyond Romanticism: New Approaches to Texts and Contexts 1780-1832, ed. by Stephen Copley and John Whale (1992)

Pollock, Anthony, 'Aesthetic Economies of Immasculation: Capitalism and Gender in Wollstonecraft's Letters from Sweden ', The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation, 52 (2011), 193-210

Poovey, Mary, The Proper Lady and the Woman Writer: Ideology as Style in the Works of Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley and Jane Austen (1984)

Ryall, Anka, and Catherine Sandbach-Dahlstrom, eds, Mary Wollstonecraft's Journey to Scandinavia: Essays (2003)

Taylor, Barbara, Mary Wollstonecraft and the Feminist Imagination (2003) Introduction available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva.

Todd, Janet, Mary Wollstonecraft: A Revolutionary Life (2000)

Weiss, Deborah, 'Suffering, Sentiment, and Civilization: Pain and Politics in Mary Wollstonecraft's Short Residence ', Studies in Romanticism., 45 (2006), 199-221

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Austen and Persuasion

Copeland, Edward and Juliet McMaster (eds), The Cambridge Companion to Jane Austen, 2nd. edn (2011)

Heydt-Stevenson, Jillian, Austen's Unbecoming Conjunctions: Subversive Laughter, Embodied History (2008)

Johnson, Claudia, Jane Austen: Women, Politics and the Novel (1988)

Knox-Shaw, Peter, Jane Austen and the Enlightenment (2009)

Marsh, Kelly A., 'The Mother's Unnarratable Pleasure and the Submerged Plot of Persuasion ', Narrative., 17 (2009), 76-94

Miller, D. A., Jane Austen, or, The secret of style (2003)

Nandrea, Lorri G., 'Difference and Repetition in Austen's Persuasion ', Studies in the novel., 39 (2007), 48-64

Richardson, Alan, ‘Of Heartache and Head Injury: Reading Minds in Persuasion ’, Poetics Today, 23 (2002), 141–160

Simons, Judy, ed., Mansfield Park and Persuasion (1997)

Tanner, Tony, Jane Austen (1986)

Todd, Janet, ed., Jane Austen in Context (2005)

Tuite, Clara, Romantic Austen: Sexual Politics and the Literary Canon (2002)

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Selected Recent Works


Introductions and Companions

Curran, Stuart, ed., The Cambridge Companion to British Romanticism, 2nd edn. (2010)

Ferber, Michael, Romanticism : a very short introduction (2010)

Higgins, David, ‘The Romantic Period’, in David Higgins and Ashley Chantler, eds, Studying English literature (2010) Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva.

Mahoney, Charles, ed., A companion to Romantic poetry (2011)


Revolution and War

Clemit, Pamela, The Cambridge Companion to British Literature of the French Revolution in the 1790s (2011)

Favret, Mary A., War at a Distance: Romanticism and the Making of Modern Wartime (2010)

Hodson, Jane, Language and Revolution in Burke, Wollstonecraft, Paine, and Godwin (2011)

Johnston, Kenneth R., Unusual Suspects : Pitt's Reign of Alarm and the Lost Generation of the 1790s (2013)

Mee, Jon and David Fallon, Romanticism and Revolution: A Reader (2011)

Uglow, Jenny, In These Times: Living in Britain through Napoleon's Wars, 1793-1815 (2014)



Bohls, Elizabeth A., Romantic Literature and Postcolonial Studies (2013)

Castellano, Katey, The Ecology of British Romantic Conservatism, 1790-1837 (2013)

Cohen-Vrignaud, Gerald, Radical Orientalism : rights, reform, and romanticism (2015)

Cox, Jeffrey N., Romanticism in the Shadow of War: Literary Culture in the Napoleonic War Years (2014)

Cronin, Richard, Paper Pellets: British Literary Culture After Waterloo (2010)

Davies, Jeremy, Bodily Pain in Romantic Literature (2014)

De Ritter, Richard, Imagining women readers, 1789-1820 : well-regulated minds ISBN: 9780719090332; 0719090334 (2015)

Duffy, Cian, and Peter Howell, Cultures of the Sublime: Selected Readings, 1750-1830 (2011)

Fairclough, Mary, The Romantic crowd : sympathy, controversy and print culture (2013)

Gottlieb, Evan, Romantic globalism : British literature and modern world order, 1750-1830 (2014)

Higgins, David, Romantic Englishness: Local, National and Global Selves, 1780-1850 (2014)

Higgins, David, British romanticism, climate change, and the anthropocene : writing tambora ISBN: 9783319678948 (e-book) (2018)

Jacobus, Mary, Romantic Things: A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud (2012)

Labbe, Jacqueline, Writing Romanticism : Charlotte Smith and William Wordsworth, 1784-1807 (2011)

Makdisi, Saree, Making England Western: Occidentalism, Race, and Imperial Culture ISBN: 9780226923154 59.6 (NL) (2014)

Mee, Jon, Conversable Worlds: Literature, Contention, and Community 1762 to 1830 (2011)

Milnes, Tim, The Truth about Romanticism: Pragmatism and Idealism in Keats, Shelley, Coleridge (2010)

Parker, Reeve, Romantic tragedies : the dark employments of Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Shelley (2011)

Richardson, Alan, The Neural Sublime: Cognitive Theories and Romantic Texts (2010)

Ruston, Sharon, Creating Romanticism: Case Studies in the Literature, Science and Medicine of the 1790s (2013)

Simpson, David, Romanticism and the Question of the Stranger (2013)

Smith, Orianne, Romantic women writers, revolution and prophecy : rebellious daughters, 1786-1826 (2013)

Stafford, Fiona, Local Attachments: The Province of Poetry (2010) Chapter 3 available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva.

Yousef, Nancy, Romantic intimacy ISBN: 9780804799447 (pbk.) : £15.99 (2015)


Individual Authors

McCarthy, William, and Olivia Murphy, eds, Anna Letitia Barbauld: New Perspectives (2014)


Goldsmith, Steven, Blake's Agitation: Criticism & the Emotions (2013)

Haggarty, Sarah, Blake's Gifts: Poetry and the Politics of Exchange (2010)


Leask, Nigel, Robert Burns and pastoral [electronic resource] : poetry and improvement in late eighteenth-century Scotland (2010)


Goodridge, John, John Clare and Community (2013)

Kövesi, Simon, and Scott McEathron, New essays on John Clare : poetry, culture and community (2015)


Cochran, Peter, ed., Byron's religions (2011)

Tuite, Clara, Lord Byron and Scandalous Celebrity (2015)


Beer, John, Coleridge's Play of Mind (2010)

Burwick, Frederick, ed., The Oxford handbook of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (2012)

Jones, Ewan, Coleridge and the philosophy of poetic form (2014)

Stokes, Christopher, Coleridge, language and the sublime [electronic resource] : from transcendance to finitude (2011)

Worthen, John, The Cambridge Introduction to Samuel Taylor Coleridge (2010)


Bari, Shahidha, Keats and Philosophy: The Life of Sensations (2012)

Roe, Nicholas, John Keats: A New Life (2012)

White, R. S., John Keats: A Literary Life (2010)

Wolfson, Susan, Reading John Keats (2015)


Wilson, Ross, Shelley and the Apprehension of Life (2013)


Labbe, Jacqueline, Charlotte Smith: Romanticism, Poetry and the Culture of Gender (2011)


Bennett, Andrew, Wordsworth writing (2010)

Boyson, Rowan, Wordsworth and the Enlightenment Idea of Pleasure (2012)

Gill, Stephen, Wordsworth's Revisitings (2011)

Mason, Emma, The Cambridge introduction to William Wordsworth (2010)

Newlyn, Lucy, Dorothy and William Wordsworth : 'all in each other' (2013)

Potkay, Adam, Wordsworth's Ethics (2013)

Worthen, John, The Life of William Wordsworth (2014)

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