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Module Reading List

Choice Modelling and Stated Preference Survey Design, 2021/22, Semester 2
Stephane Hess
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

A. Books on choice modelling

A.1. Textbooks
Ben-Akiva, M.E. and Lerman, S.R. (1985) Discrete choice analysis : theory and application to travel demand. MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass.

Train, K., 2009. Discrete Choice Methods with Simulation. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, MA, second edition.

A.2. Collection of research papers

Hess, S. & Daly, A. (2014), Handbook of choice modelling, Edward Elgar publishers, Cheltenham.

Hess, S. & Daly, A. (2010), Choice modelling : the state-of-the-art and the state-of-practice : proceedings from the inaugural International Choice Modelling Conference; Proceedings from the Inaugural International Choice Modelling Conference, Emerald, Bingley.

Kitamura, R., Yoshii, T. & Yamamoto, T. (2009), The expanding sphere of travel behaviour research : selected papers from the 11th International Conference on Travel Behavior Research, Emerald Group Publishing, Bingley.

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B. Books on stated preference data

B.1. Textbooks
Louviere, J.J., Hensher, D.A. and Swait, J.D. (2000) Stated choice methods : analysis and application. Cambridge University Press.

B.2. Collection of research papers
Bonnel, P., Lee-Gosselin, M., Zmud, J., Madre, J.-L. (2009), Transport survey methods : keeping up with a changing world, Emerald Group Publishing.

PTRC (2000) Stated preference modelling techniques. A compilation of major papers from PTRC’s meeting and conference material. Edited by J de D Ortuzar. PTRC, London.

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C. Specific papers

Rose, J.M., and Bliemer, M.C.J. (2005) Constructing efficient choice experiments. Report ITLS-WP-05-07, Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, University of Sydney.

Hess, S., Rose, J.M. & Polak, J.W. (2010), Non-trading, lexicographic and inconsistent behaviour in stated choice data, Transportation research. Part D, Transport and environment., 15(7), pp. 405-417


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