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Module Reading List

Social Work with Children & Families, 2021/22, Semester 2
Kirsteen Laidlaw
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


Thyer, Bruce A ; Dulmus, Catherine N ; Sowers, Karen M (2012)Human Behavior in the Social Environment: Theories for Social Work Practice  

Hood, Rick, (2018) Complexity in social work  

Martin, Richard ; Hollows, Anne Practising for Social Work Practice: Integrating Knowledge and Skills for Social Work with Children and Families Social work education, 2016-07-03, Vol.35 (5), p.576-588  

Lister, Pam Green.(2012) Integrating social work theory and practice : a practical skills guide  

Butler, Ian ; Hickman, Caroline (2011) Social Work with Children and Families: Getting into Practice  

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Week 1 core reading

 What is a child?

Jensen, Ida Bruheim ; Studsrød, Ingunn ; Ellingsen, Ingunn T Child protection social workers' constructions of children and childhood: An integrative reviewChild & family social work, 2020-08, Vol.25 (S1), p.83-96  

Thomas,J. ; Holland,S.  Representing Children's Identities in Core Assessments The British journal of social work, 2010-12-01, Vol.40 (8), p.2617-2633  

Uprichard, Emma Children as ‘Being and Becomings’: Children, Childhood and Temporality  Children & society, 2008-07, Vol.22 (4), p.303-313

What is a family?

I think this whole book is really interesting and allows us to think about families differently but chapter 2 is core reading and chapter 6 is recommended.

PHOENIX, A ;  BODDY,J ;  WALKER,C ;  VENNAM, U. (2017) Environment in the lives of children and families: Perspectives from India and the UK  

I want you to read two chapters from the following book.Your criteria for choosing should be based on the family configurations you either know nothing about or are feeling perplexed. We will talk about it further in class.

Ruspini, Elisabetta(2013) Diversity in family life: Gender, relationships and social change

The following is a fabulous book for you to refer back to throughout the module. It should assist with critical thinking and analysis. All of the chapters can offer you some new thinking and questioning so it’s up to you but chapter 11 would be good for this session.

Wagg, Stephen ; Pilcher, Jane ; (2014)Thatcher's Grandchildren?: Politics and Childhood in the Twenty-First Century  

Week 2

A history & cross national comparison  of Child Protection Systems and practices.

 Bywaters, Paul ; Scourfield, Jonathan ; Jones, Chantel ; Sparks, Tim ; Elliott, Martin ; Hooper, Jade ; McCartan, Claire ; Shapira, Marina ; Bunting, Lisa ; Daniel, BrigidChild welfare inequalities in the four nations of the UK  Journal of social work : JSW, 2018-09-11, Vol.20 (2), p.146801731879347-21  

 Clapton, Gary ; Cree, Viviene E ; Smith, Mark Moral panics and social work: Towards a sceptical view of UK child protection Critical social policy, 2012-09-06, Vol.33 (2), p.197-217 

 Houston, Stan ; Swords, CalvinAnalysing a parent's capacity to change: towards a model for child protection social workers'  Journal of social work practice, , Vol.ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print), p.1-1  

Woodman, Elise ; Roche, Steven ; McArthur, Morag ; Moore, Tim Child protection practitioners: Including children in decision making Child & family social work, 2018-02-28, Vol.23 (3), p.475-484  


Covid 19 articles re CP

 Appleton, Jane V ; Sidebotham, Peter Safeguarding Children and Young People During the COVID‐19 Pandemic Child abuse review (Chichester, England : 1992), 2020-07, Vol.29 (4), p.303-30  

 Jolly, Andrew Statutory neglect and care in a pandemic International social work, 2020-09, Vol.63 (5), p.671-675  

Teo, Stephen ; Griffiths, Glenys Child protection in the time of COVID‐19 Journal of paediatrics and child health, 2020-06, Vol.56 (6), p.838-840 


Week 3 CSE

Baidawi, Susan ; Sheehan, Rosemary ; Flynn, Catherine Criminal exploitation of child protection-involved youth Children and youth services review, 2020-11, Vol.118, p.105396  

Hallett, Sophie ‘An Uncomfortable Comfortableness’: ‘Care’, Child Protection and Child Sexual Exploitation The British journal of social work, 2016-10, Vol.46 (7), p.2137-2152  

 Hill, Louise ; Taylor, Julie ; Richards, Fiona ; Reddington, Susan ‘No‐One Runs Away For No Reason’: Understanding Safeguarding Issues When Children and Young People Go Missing From Home Child abuse review (Chichester, England : 1992), 2016-05, Vol.25 (3), p.192-204 

Lefevre, Michelle ; Hickle, Kristine ; Luckock, Barry Both/And’ Not ‘Either/Or’: Reconciling Rights to Protection and Participation in Working with Child Sexual Exploitation The British journal of social work, 2018-12-06, Vol.49 (7), p.1837-1855 


Week 4

What is well-being ?

Amerijckx, Gaëlle ; Humblet, Perrine Claire Child Well‐Being: What Does It Mean?  Children & society, 2014-09, Vol.28 (5), p.404-415  

 Brady, Geraldine ; Lowe, Pam ; Olin Lauritzen, Sonja Connecting a sociology of childhood perspective with the study of child health, illness and wellbeing: introduction Sociology of health & illness, 2015-02, Vol.37 (2), p.173-183 

 Fattore, Toby ;  Mason, Jan ; Watson, Elizabeth Children's Conceptualisation(s) of Their Well-Being  Social indicators research, 2007-01-01, Vol.80 (1), p.5-29  

 Chapters 1,2 & 7 Munn-Giddings, Carol, 1961- editor.; Tarkiainen, Laura, 1985- editor.; Torronen, Maritta, editor 2018. Reciprocal relationships and well-being : implications for social work and social policy 


Week 5

The use of power and empowerment & Anti-oppressive practice

 McComb, Leah Ethical Dilemmas in Power and Authority: A Social Work Student Confronts Her Own Power  Ethics and social welfare, 2020-10-01, Vol.14 (4), p.425-43  

Smith,R. Castells, Power and Social Work The British journal of social work, 2013-12-01, Vol.43 (8), p.1545-1561  

Winter, Karen ; Cree, Viviene E Social Work Home Visits to Children and Families in the UK: A Foucauldian Perspective The British journal of social work, 2016-07-01, Vol.46 (5), p.1175-1190 

Cocker, Christine, editor.; Hafford-Letchfield, Trish, editor (2014) Rethinking anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive theories for social work practice   Chapters 1, 4 & 13

Daly, Jenny Thinking About Internal Prejudice And Anti-Oppressive Practice In Child Safeguarding Social Work With Irish Travellers In The UK  Journal of social work practice, 2016-10-01, Vol.30 (4), p.335-347  

 Rubin, Allen Can Anti-Oppressive Clinical Practice Be Compatible With Evidence-Informed Clinical Practice? Journal of social work education, 2020-10-01, Vol.56 (4), p.626-629  


Week 6 Vulnerability, complexity & restorative practice

Cooner, Tarsem Singh ; Beddoe, Liz ; Ferguson, Harry ; Joy, Eileen The use of Facebook in social work practice with children and families: exploring complexity in an emerging practice Journal of technology in human services, 2020-04-02, Vol.38 (2), p.137-158  

Hood, Rick, (2018) Complexity in social work  Go through chapter 1 again  

Phillips, Catherine R Where has vulnerability gone? Qualitative social work : QSW : research and practice, 2020-11-12 

van Wormer, K Restorative justice: A model for social work practice with families Families in society, 2003-07-01, Vol.84 (3), p.441-448

Walsh, Julie ; White, Sue ; Morris, Kate ; Doherty, Paula How do you solve a problem like Maria? Family complexity and institutional complications in UK social work  European journal of social work, 2019-11-02, Vol.22 (6), p.1050-1061  

 Williams, AnnieFamily support services delivered using a restorative approach: A framework for relationship and strengths-based whole-family practice Child & family social work, 2019-11, Vol.24 (4), p.555  


Week 7 Domestic Violence IPV (Intimate Partner Violence)

 Bedi, Gillinder ; Goddard, Chris Intimate partner violence: What are the impacts on children?  Australian psychologist, 2007-03-01, Vol.42 (1), p.66-77

 Callaghan, Jane E. M ; Alexander, Joanne H ; Sixsmith, Judith ; Fellin, Lisa Chiara Beyond “Witnessing”: Children’s Experiences of Coercive Control in Domestic Violence and Abuse  Journal of interpersonal violence, 2018-05, Vol.33 (10), p.1551-1581

Donagh, Ben From Unnoticed to Invisible: The Impact of COVID‐19 on Children and Young People Experiencing Domestic Violence and Abuse Child abuse review (Chichester, England : 1992), 2020-07, Vol.29 (4), p.387-391  

 Isobe, Jasmin ; Healey, Lucy ; Humphreys, Cathy A critical interpretive synthesis of the intersection of domestic violence with parental issues of mental health and substance misuse  Health & social care in the community, 2020-09, Vol.28 (5), p.1394-1407  

 Smith, Joanie ; Humphreys, Cathy Child protection and fathering where there is domestic violence: Contradictions and consequences Child & family social work, 2019-02, Vol.24 (1), p.156-163  

Week 8 Children Looked After

Bucchio, Justin ; Jones, V. Nikki ; Dopwell, Donna M Applying Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to LGBT foster youth: practice implications for child welfare professionals and those working in rural settings  Journal of social work practice, , Vol.ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print), p.1-13  


Shuker, Lucie ; Sebba, Judy ; Höjer, Ingrid Teenagers in foster care: Issues, themes, and debates from and for practice and policy Child & family social work, 2019-08, Vol.24 (3), p.349-353


Hoyle, Victoria ; Shepherd, Elizabeth ; Lomas, Elizabeth ; Flinn, Andrew Recordkeeping and the life‐long memory and identity needs of care‐experienced children and young people  Child & family social work, 2020-11, Vol.25 (4), p.935-945  


week 9  Doing Assessments well

Dalzell, Ruth. ; Sawyer, Emma (2016) Putting analysis into child and family assessment : undertaking assessments of need  

Wilson, Hilary Social Work Assessment: What Are We Meant To Assess? Ethics and social welfare, 2020-01-02, Vol.14 (1), p.84-88  

Week 10 Secure Children’s Homes

Henriksen, Ann-Karina Vulnerable Girls and Dangerous Boys: Gendered Practices of Discipline in Secure Care Young (Stockholm, Sweden), 2018-11, Vol.26 (5), p.427-443  

Ellis, Katie ; Curtis, Penny Care(ful) relationships: Supporting children in secure care Child & family social work, 2020-12-06  

Week 11 Multi-disciplinary teams and interprofessional working

Hood, Rick ; Price, Jayne ; Sartori, Daniele ; Maisey, Daryl ; Johnson, Jessica ; Clark, Zoe Collaborating across the threshold: The development of interprofessional expertise in child safeguarding Journal of interprofessional care, 2017-11-02, Vol.31 (6), p.705-713 

Also please read chapter 6 in

Hood, Rick, (2018) Complexity in social work London,Sage  

Week 12 Creativity in Practice

Milner, Judith ; Myers, Steve (2017) Creative Ideas for Solution Focused Practice: Inspiring Guidance, Ideas and Activities  

Tony Evans  Professionals, Managers and Discretion: Critiquing Street-Level Bureaucracy The British journal of social work, 2011-03-01, Vol.41 (2), p.368-386  


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Journals and electronic resources

Below are a selection of useful journal papers:

Cooper, A. 2005. Surface and Depth in the Victoria Climbie Inquiry Report. Child & family social work. 10 (1) 1-9

Driscoll, J. 2009. Prevalence, People and Processes: A Consideration of Lord Laming’s Progress Report on the Protection of Children in England. Child abuse review. 18 (5). 333-345

Featherstone, B. 1999. Taking Mothering Seriously: the implications for child protection. Child & family social work. 4 (1) 43-53

Featherstone, B. 2003. Taking Fathers Seriously. British Journal of Social Work. 33 (2) 239-254

Ferguson, H. 2014. What social workers do in performing child protection work: evidence from research into face-to-face practice. Child & family social work.  21(3) 283-294

Frost N & Robinson M. 2007. Joining up childrens services: Safeguarding children in multi disciplinary teams. Child abuse review. 16 (3) 184-199

Graham, M. 2011. Changing Paradigms and conditions of childhood. British Journal of Social Work. . 41 (8) 1532-47

Helm D. 2011. Judgement or Assumptions? The role of analysis in assessing children & young people's needs. British Journal of Social Work.. 41(5) 894-911

Horwath, J & Morrison, T. 2007. Collaboration, integration and change in childrens services. Child abuse and neglect. 31 55-69

Parton, N. 2004. From Maria Colwell to Victoria Climbie: reflections on public inquiries into child abuse a generation apart. Child abuse review. 13 (2) 80-94

Reder, P. & Duncan, S. 2003. Understanding Communication in Child Protection Networks. Child abuse review. 12 (2) 82-100

Reder, P & Duncan, S. 2004. Making the most of the Victoria Climbie Inquiry Report Child abuse review. 13 (2) 95-114

Taylor, C. 2004. Underpinning knowledge for child care practice: reconsidering child development theory. Child & family social work. 9 (3) 225-235

Woodhead, M. 1999. Reconstructing Developmental Psychology-Some First Steps. Children & society. 13 (1) 3-19

A recent edition of the British Journal of Social Work. - 40(4) - is well worth looking at as it contains a series of articles on child protection and risk

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Social Work Journals

These include:

British Journal of Social Work.

Journal of Social Work

Child abuse review.

Child abuse and neglect.

Child & family social work.

Research on Social Work Practice

Practice : social work in action.

Qualitative Social Work

Children and youth services review.

You will find it useful to access journals electronically through the library website.

You will also be able to access relevant electronic databases such as:
Social work abstracts [electronic resource]

ASSIA. (Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstract) - Available online:

Social services abstracts [electronic resource].

Social Sciences Citation Index.

Healthcare training pages:

There are also some free databases you can use:

Google Scholar

Social Care Online

Social Care Online is part of SCIE (Social Care Institute of Excellence) and can be found on their website. It is a very useful resource.

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The abovementioned SCIE website is an invaluable source of resources including research briefings and other publications many free to download.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation at  has a wealth of high quality research studies on families and poverty (and many other topics related to poverty and disadvantage) available for free. Another invaluable resource The NSPCC's Inform website has a great deal of extremely useful material.

The NSPCC Inform website at is also worth looking at for up-to-date research briefings and other resources. You can sign up for regular emails from them to keep abreast of new developments, publications, conferences etc.

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