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Module Reading List

Human Biology, 2021/22, Semester 2
Lynne Cade
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Essential Course Text:

Boyle, M. & Senior, K. (2008) Human biology (Collins Advanced Science). 3rd rev. ed. London:Collins Educational.

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Other Useful Texts:

Indge, B. (2009) Complete A-Z biology handbook . 4th rev. ed. Philip Allan.

Northedge, A., Thomas, J. & Lane, A. (1998) The sciences good study guide . Buckingham: The Open University

Toole, G. & Toole, S. (1995) Understanding biology for advanced level . 4th ed. Nelson Thornes.

Any GCSE AS/A2 level Human Biology/Biology text book. For example;

Potter, S. (2008) AQA AS biology : textbook . Philip Allan.

Potter, S. (2009) AQA A2 biology textbook . Philip Allan.

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Introductory basic reading:

Dodds, J. (2008) Biology at a glance. 3rd ed. Manson publishing. 

Wright, D. (2000) Human physiology and health . Heinemann.

Reiss, M. & Givens, P. (2002) Human biology and health studies . 2nd ed. Nelson Thornes.

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Research texts:

Tortora G, & Derrickson, B. (2008) Principles of anatomy and physiology. 12th ed. Wiley.

Marieb, Elaine N. & Hoehn, K. (2007) Human anatomy & physiology. Benjamin Cummings.

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Biological Sciences review. published by Philip Allan

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