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Module Reading List

Moving Image Project, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Stefan Fairlamb
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

All books by Paul Wells

Understanding animation. ISBN: 9780415115971; 0415115965 : £40.00; 0415115973 (pbk.) : £12.99; 9780415115964; 9780415115971”, Routledge, London 1998

 “Animation and America ISBN: 9781853312038 (pbk.); 1853312037 (pbk.); 0853312037”, Edinburgh University Press, 2002

The fundamentals of animation ISBN: 9782940373024 (pbk.) : £19.95; 2940373027 (pbk.) : £19.95”, Ava Publishing, Switzerland, 2006

“Basics Animation: Scriptwriting : n. developing and creating text for play, film or broadcast ISBN: 9782940373161 (pbk.) : £17.95; 2940373167 (pbk.) : £17.95”, Ava Publishing, Switzerland, 2007

Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects, Vol. 1: The Essentials

by Trish Meyer, Chris Meyer

Publisher: CMP Books; 3rd Book & DVD edition (September 10, 2004) ISBN: 1578202493

Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects: Volume 2: Advanced Techniques

by Trish Meyer, Chris Meyer

Publisher: CMP Books; 2nd Bk&Cdr edition (June 2003) ISBN: 1578202078

The DV rebel's guide : an all-digital approach to making killer action movies on the cheap ISBN: 0321413644 (pbk.); 9780321413642 (pbk.) Stu Maschwitz

Peachpit Press


ISBN : 0-321-41364-4

Picture composition for film and television ISBN: 0240516818, Second Edition Peter Ward

Focal Press 2002

Paperback £24.99

ISBN: 0240516818

Lighting for video ISBN: 0240513037 (pbk), Third Edition Gerald Millerson

Focal Press 1991

Paperback £29.99

ISBN: 0 240 51303 7

TECHNIQUE of FILM and VIDEO EDITING, 2nd Ed.Ken Dancyger

Theory and Practice.

Focal Press 1997

Paperback £19.99

ISBN: 0 240 80255 1

Blogs and Journals

Top animation blogs

  1. 11 Second Club

Why follow? This blog hosts a monthly character animation competition, which is a great opportunity for aspiring animators to gain some momentum in the industry. A new audio file is provided each month and participants are tasked with animating a character that appropriately interprets the audio. Voting takes place at the conclusion of each month to determine the winner, who will receive a professional critique from Animation Mentor.

You can also follow 11 Second Club on Facebook!

  1. Animation Anomaly

Why follow? This blog was started by Charles Kenny, a civil engineer with a special interest in animation. Animation Anomaly offers a unique outlook on the world on animation and focuses heavily on the future of the industry. Kenny’s posts span a variety of topics, from podcasts and predictions to opinions and analyses.

You can also follow Animation Anomaly on Twitter and Google+ and Flickr!

  1. Animation Magazine

Why follow? This is the official website of Animation Magazine, a publication covering all facets of the animation industry. The site posts regular articles about everything from visual effects and digital media to licensing and tech reviews. In addition, followers have access to a handful of handy resources like job boards, event calendars and movie guides.

You can also follow Animation Magazine on Facebook and Twitter!

  1. Animation Mentor

Why follow? This blog was launched by three friends who asked a simple question, “ if we were to start over, how would we want to learn?” They felt the need to connect aspiring animators with industry experts, which is exactly the purpose of Animation Mentor. It’s chock-full of tips and tricks, tutorials and advice from the pros.

You can also follow Animation Mentor on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!

  1. Animation Physics

Why follow? This blog is a free educational resource for all types of animators—from traditional to computer graphics (CG) to stop-motion. Its purpose is to explain how the principles and laws of physics apply to the world of animation. It achieves this goal by providing multiple tutorials, which are organized into four categories: basic animation, character animation, effects and character effects animation and lighting and visual effects.

  1. Animation Scoop

Why follow? This blog is run by Jerry Beck, an animation producer and former studio executive with Nickelodeon Movies and Disney. Needless to say, his industry expertise is reflected in the resources and articles published on Animation Scoop. Beck and other contributors offer their perspective on upcoming films and other industry news.

You can also follow Animation Scoop on Facebook and Twitter!

  1. Animation World Network

Why follow? According to its website, the Animation World Network (AWN) is “the largest animation-related publishing group on the Internet”, making it a must-read for animators of all backgrounds. This blog covers a wide array of subjects such as animator profiles, licensing, current events in the field, CGI and other animation technologies. It’s also a great resource for job-seekers and employers.

You can also follow AWN on Twitter and Facebook!

  1. Canadian Animation Blog

Why follow? This site began in 2008 as an online project to provide the Canadian animation community a universal platform to showcase their work and has since evolved into a hub of helpful content for animators everywhere. It’s a great source of education and inspiration as it frequently features animated shorts, event coverage, storyboards, photos and interviews from industry pros.

You can also follow Canadian Animation Blog on Google+ and YouTube!

  1. Cartoon Brew

Why follow? Cartoon Brew has been delivering the latest news, trends and ideas in animation daily since 2004. With article topics ranging from traditional techniques like hand-drawn and stop motion to cutting-edge computer animation and visual effects, there’s something for everyone on this blog. It’s also a great way to stay up-to-date on news from animation empires like Disney, Dreamworks and Pixar.

You can also follow Cartoon Brew on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!

  1. Disney Times

Why follow? Anyone who has any interest in animation knows that The Walt Disney Company was instrumental in elevating the animation industry. The Disney Times is dedicated to sharing any news pertaining to the animation enterprise, including films, theme parks, cruise lines, merchandise and video games. Followers will have a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most powerful animation studios in the industry.

You can also follow Disney Times on Twitter!

  1. Motionographer

Why follow? This blog aims to “be a source of inspiration for filmmakers, animators and designers.” They do so by sharing inspiring work, highlighting influential studios and professionals in the field and providing commentary that sparks discussion about the creative process. Motionographer is also home to a heap of helpful tutorials, coverage of industry events and an endless supply of inspiration.

You can also follow Motionographer on Facebook and Twitter!

  1. On Animation

Why follow? This blog is all about spotlighting inspiring content that is … you guessed it—on animation! Aside from the numerous videos posted daily, followers also have access to exclusive insight and analysis from animation pros. Content is categorized to make it easy to find information based on your focus. On Animation also provides information on industry events, useful tools and gadgets and training programs

You can also follow On Animation on Facebook and Twitter!

  1. Pixar Times

Why follow? Pixar is arguably the biggest name in the game when it comes to animation today. This blog covers everything that deals with the animation empire from characters and films to video games and merchandise. The Pixar Times, the sister site of The Disney Times, has emerged as a leading provider of Pixar news, according to its website.

You can also follow Pixar Times on Facebook and Twitter!

  1. Speaking of Animation

Why follow? This blog is the product of four professional animators currently working in the industry. Their objective is to give back to the animation community by providing education, inspiration and entertainment through podcasts. Speaking of Animation is a collection of conversations with fellow animators that give listeners a sneak peek at the industry.

Maureen Furniss, Editor Animation Journal

School of Film/Video California Institute of the Arts

This list was last updated on 18/09/2020