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Module Reading List

Law and Society, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Jen Hendry
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

M. Travers, Understanding Law in Society (Abingdon, Routledge Glasshouse: 2010), chapter 1, 3-16   

A. Sarat & T. Kearns, ‘Beyond the Great Divide: Forms of Legal Scholarship and Everyday Life’ in A. Sarat & T. Kearns (eds.) Law in Everyday Life (University of Michigan Press: 1994) chapter 2, 21-61 Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva  

J.E. Penner & E. Melissaris, McCoubrey & White’s Textbook on Jurisprudence, 5th ed. (Oxford, OUP: 2012), 5-7   

A. Norrie, Crime, Reason and History: A Critical Introduction to Criminal Law, 3rd ed. (Cambridge, CUP: 2014), chapter 2, 19-38   

J. Conaghan & Y. Russell, ‘Talking Law and Gender’ in (2015) Feminist Legal Studies 23(2) 199-214   

R.Hunter, 'Contesting the Dominant Paradigm: Feminist Critiques of Liberal Legalism' in M. Davies & V.E. Munro (eds) The Ashgate Research Companion to Feminist Legal Theory (Ashgate 2013) 13-30    

Ruxton v Lang 1998 S.C.C.R. 1   

M.A. Fineman, ‘The Vulnerable Subject: Anchoring Equality in the Human Condition’, (2008) Yale Journal of Law & Feminism 20(1), 1-23    

S. Fredman, ‘Substantive Equality Revisited’, (2016) International Journal of Constitutional Law 14(3), 712-738    

M.A. Fineman, ‘Cracking the Foundational Myths: Independence, Autonomy, and Self-Sufficiency’ in (2000) Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law 8: 13-29   

M.A. Fineman, ‘Vulnerability and Inevitable Inequality’, in (2017) Oslo Law Review 4, 133-149   

M.A. Fineman ‘Vulnerability and Social Justice’ in (2019) 53 Valparaiso University Law Review   

This list was last updated on 20/09/2021