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Module Reading List

Human Genetics, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr Stephanie Wright
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

The following textbooks contain material that supplements the lecture content. Please be aware that the content of these books goes beyond your requirements at Year 2, so do not worry if some of the information appears too advanced. Clearly many of these books contain overlapping information and you are not expected to use them all - this list is provided for guidance.1. Human Molecular Genetics
Strachan and Read
4th Ed
Garland Science
 Ch2 Chromosome structure and function
 Ch8 Analysing the structure and expression of genes and genomes
 Ch 9 Organisation of the human genome
 Ch13 Human genetic variability and its consequences OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (IK 27/03/2019) 

2. Genetics and genomics in medicine ISBN: 9780815344803 (pbk.); 0815344805 (pbk.)
Strachan, Goodship and Chinnery
Garland Science
 many chapters contain relevant information

3. Human Evolutionary Genetics
Jobling, Hollox, Hurles, Kivisild and Tyler-Smith
2nd Ed
Garland Science
 Ch2 Organisation and inheritance of the human genome
 Ch3 Human genome variation OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (IK 27/03/2019) 

4. Molecular Biology of the Cell
Alberts, Johnson, Lewis, Raff, Roberts and Walter
5th Ed
Garland Science
 Ch4 DNA, chromosomes and genomes OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (IK 27/03/2019) 

5. Genomes 3 ISBN: 0815341385
3rd Ed
Garland Science

6. Essential Medical Genetics
Tobias, Connor and Ferguson-Smith
6th Ed

7. The Biology of Cancer
2nd Ed
Garland Science

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