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Module Reading List

System Dynamics: Modelling Policy, 2021/22, Semester 2
Prof Simon Shepherd
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Key textbooks

Sterman, J. (2000). Business dynamics : systems thinking and modeling for a complex world, Irwin/McGraw-Hill, Boston.   

Pruyt, E. Small System Dynamics Models for Big Issues: Triple Jump towards Real-World Complexity.  TU Delft Library, Delft, The Netherlands. Available on line at:

Radzicki M.J., Taylor R.A. (1997) US Department of Energy’s Introduction to System Dynamics. Available online at:

Meadow, D.G.  2008. Thinking in systems. A Primer. Chelsea green Publishing. Vermont.


Useful websites

International Society for system dynamics

UK Chapter of the international society

Software for coursework -download the PLE free version from the VENTANA website.   

Systems thinker


Lecture Materials


Platform Wars 

Sterman, John (2014). Interactive Web-based Simulations for Strategy and Sustainability: The MIT Sloan  LearningEdge  Management Flight Simulators. Part I.  System Dynamics Review.

Interactive Web-based Simulations for Strategy and Sustainability: The MIT Sloan  LearningEdge  Management Flight Simulators.

Sterman articles 

Sterman, J.D (2006). Learning from Evidence in a Complex World. American Journal of Public Health. 96(3), 505:514    

Sterman, J.D. (2008). Risk Communication on Climate: Mental Models and Mass Balance. Science (332), 532:533. 10.1126/science.1162574    

Causal Loop Diagrams 

Sterman, J.D. Business Dynamics. Systems Thinking and Modelling for a Complex World. Chapter 5: Causal Loop Diagrams. Irwin/McGraw-Hill, Boston.   OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (IK 11/01/2022) 

Using Vensim to build CLDs  - video link

(watch to 9.23)

Customer model  - video link

Some useful tutorial videos available here

This one builds the following simple customer model – which we will do in class.  Your first model!

Pokemon go Model

Qualitative Data 

Luna-Reyes, L.F., Anderson, D.L. (2003) Collecting and analyzing qualitative data for system dynamics: methods and models. Syst. Dyn. Rev. 19, 271–296 (2003)    


Sterman, J.D. Business Dynamics. Systems Thinking and Modelling for a Complex World. Chapter 21: Model Testing. Irwin/McGraw-Hill, Boston.    OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (IK 11/01/2022) 


Harrison, G., C. Thiel & L Jones. 2016. Powertrain Technology Transition Market Agent Model (PTTMAM): An Introduction.  JRC Technical Reports. European Commission. DOI: 10.2790/700192

Key paper for coursework 2

Struben, J. and Sterman, J.D. (2008). "Transition challenges for alternative fuel vehicle and transportation systems." Environment and planning. B : planning and design. 35(6): 1070-1097.    

Available at :

Other useful papers for coursework 2

BATLEY, R. P., TONER, J. P. & KNIGHT, M. J. 2004. A mixed logit model of UK household demand for alternative fuel vehicles. International Journal of Transport Economics, 31, 55-77.   OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (IK 11/01/2022) 

SHEPHERD, S., BONSALL, P. & HARRISON, G. 2012. Factors Affecting Future Demand for Electric Vehicles: A Model Based Study. Transport Policy, 20, 62-74.    

Review paper by Simon Shepherd

Shepherd, S.P. (2014) A review of system dynamics models applied in transportation. Transportmetrica. B, Transport dynamics., 2:2, 83-105 DOI: 10.1080/21680566.2014.916236    

Plus References contained in Shepherd (2014) –read the review paper first then select some of them for further reading. Note some of them will be discussed in more detail during lectures.

MARS related references

Pfaffenbichler, P., Emberger, G. and Shepherd, S.P. (2010): A system dynamics approach to land use transport interaction modelling: the strategic model MARS and its application. System dynamics review. vol 26, No 3 (July–September 2010): 262–282.

Shepherd, S.P. and Balijepalli, N.C. (2015) A game of two cities: A toll setting game with experimental results. Transport policy. 38 (2015) 95–109.

Balijepalli, N.C. and Shepherd, S.P. (2015) Cordon tolls and competition between cities with symmetric and asymmetric interactions. Transportation.. online April 2015 DOI 10.1007/s11116-015-9620-3.

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