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LUBS5404M Module Reading List

Marketing Communications, 2021/22, Semester 1
Charalampos Saridakis
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Fill, C. & Turnbull, S. (2019) Marketing Communications: touchpoints, sharing and disruption, 8th edition, Pearson Education Ltd., available Blackwell’s bookshop

The text book provides a good introduction to many of the subjects covered. Rather than simply repeat the content of the book in lectures, we generally use these sessions to explore specific topics in more depth. Thus, by reading the recommended chapters and participating in classes, your understanding and knowledge of Marketing Communications will set you up well not just for the final examination, but for your future marketing career!





Introduction to Marketing Communications and IMC

1, 2, 3, 6


Building the brand communications campaign

 7, 8, 11, 12


Direct Marketing




21, 22


Advertising and creativity

13, 19


Sales promotion



Marketing media relations (PR)

14, 20








Exam prep


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Reading these journal articles is not compulsory, but offers an opportunity to read more widely, to delve deeper and, at times, to gain a different perspective on specific subjects.Supplementary text:

Week 01 - Introduction to Marketing Communications

  • Focus on chapter readings from Fill and Turnbull 1, 2, 3, 6

Week 02: Building the Brand Campaign

Week 03 - Direct Marketing

  • Chang, C. & Zhang, J. 2016. The effects of channel experiences and direct marketing on customer retention in multichannel settings. Journal of interactive marketing. . 36 pp77-90   
  • Verhoef, P., Kannan, P. & Inman, J. 2015. From Multi-Channel to Omni-Channel Retailing. Journal of retailing. . 91(2) pp174-181  

Week 04 - Digital Marketing

Week 05 - Advertising & Creativity

  • Okazaki, S., Mueller, B. & Taylor, C. 2010. Measuring Soft-Sell Versus Hard-Sell Advertising Appeals. Journal of advertising. 39(2) pp5-20
  • Vakratsas, D. & Ambler, T. 1999. How advertising works: What do we really know? Journal of marketing. . 63(1) pp26-43
  • Zarantonello, L., Jedidi, K. & Schmitt, B. 2013. Functional and experiential routes to persuasion: An analysis of advertising in emerging versus developed markets. International journal of research in marketing. . 30(1) pp46-56
  • Chen, J., Yang, X. & Smith. R. 2016. The effects of creativity on advertising wear-in and wear-out. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. . 44(3) pp334-34   
  • Cline, T. & Kellaris, J. 2007. The effect of humor strength and humor-message relatedness on ad memorability. Journal of advertising.  36(1) pp55-67   
  • Reinartz, W. & Saffert, P. 2013. Creativity in Advertising: When it works and when it doesn't. Harvard business review.  91(6) pp106-112   
  • Turnbull, S. & Wheeler, C. 2017. The advertising creative process: A study of UK agencies. Journal of Marketing Communications  23(2) pp176-194   

Week 06 - Sales Promotion

  • Buttner, O., Florack, A. & Goritz, A. 2015. How shopping orientation influences the effectiveness of monetary and non-monetary promotions. European journal of marketing.  49(1/2) pp.170-189
  • Mishra, A. & Mishra, H. 2011. The influence of price discount versus bonus pack on the preference for virtue and vice foods. Journal of marketing research.  48(2) pp.196-206
  • Palazon, M. & Delgado-Ballester, E. 2009. Effectiveness of Price Discounts and Premium Promotions. Psychology and marketing. . 26(12) pp1108-1129

Week 07 - Marketing Media Relations

  • Gregory, A. & Halff, G. 2017. Understanding public relations in the 'sharing economy'. Public relations review.  43 pp.4-13
  • Hong Ha, J. & Ferguson, M. 2015. Perception Discrepancy of Public Relations Functions and Conflict among Disciplines: South Korean Public Relations Versus Marketing Professionals. Journal of Public Relations Research 27(1) pp1-21
  • McKie, D. & Willis, P. 2012. Renegotiating the terms of engagement: Public relations, marketing, and contemporary challenges. Public relations review.  38 pp.846–852

Week 08 - Sponsorship

Week 09 - Ethics & regulation

  • Black, I. & Morton, P. 2017. Appealing to men and women using sexual appeals in advertising: In the battle of the sexes, is a truce possible? Journal of Marketing Communications 23(4) pp331-350

  • Cockrill, A. & Parsonage, I. 2016. Shocking People Into Action: Does It Still Work? Journal of advertising research. . 56(4) pp401-413

  • Hudders, L., De Pauw, P., Cauberghe, V., Panic, K., Zarouali, B. & Rozendaal, E. 2017. Shedding New Light on How Advertising Literacy Can Affect Children's Processing of Embedded Advertising Formats: A Future Research Agenda. Journal of advertising. 46(2) pp333-349



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