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Module Reading List

Economic Controversies, 2021/22, Semester 1
Gary Slater
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Core Reading

Chang, Ha-Joon (2014) Economics: The User's Guide, London: Pelican  

Rodrik, Dani (2015) Economics Rules: Why Economics Works, When It Fails, and How to Tell the DifferenceOxford: Oxford University Press 

Skidelsky, R. (2020) What's Wrong With Economics? A Primer for the Perplexed, New Haven: Yale University Press   

Additional Reading

Guides to additional reading for specific topics will be provided in Minerva

Kelton, Stephanie (2020) The Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory and the Birth of the People's Economy. London: John Murray

Skidelsky, R. and Skidelsky, E. (2012) How Much Is Enough? The Love of Money and the Case for the Good Life, chapter 1 'Keynes's Mistake', pp.15-42, London: Allen Lane  Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 


This list was last updated on 05/10/2021