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CAPE5715M Reading List

Metals and Alloys, 2021/22, Semester 2
Professor Andrew Mullis
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

A collection of relevant research papers which will be identified during the course of the module for contemporary developments. In addition, the following sources provide support for the theoretical background:

J.C.M. Li; “Microstructure and properties of materials. v.1 ISBN: 9810224036”, World Scientific (1996).

J.C.M. Li; “Microstructure and properties of materials. v.2 ISBN: 9810241801”, World Scientific (2000).

R. Kumar; Physical metallurgy of iron and steel.., Asia Publishing House, London (1968).

F.B. Pickering; Physical metallurgy and the design of steels ISBN: 0853347522, Applied Science, London (1978).

R.W.K. Honeycombe; Steels : microstructure and properties, Edward Arnold, London

D.T. Llewellyn; Steels : metallurgy and applications– 2nd Edition, Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford (1994).

A.K. Sinha; Ferrous physical metallurgy ISBN: 0409901393, Butterworths, Boston (1989).

T. Gladman; The physical metallurgy of microalloyed steels ISBN: 0910716812, Institute of Materials, London (1997).

H.T. Angus; Cast iron : physical and engineering properties ISBN: 0408706880– 2nd Edition, Butterworths, London (1976).

R. Elliott; Cast iron technology ISBN: 0408015128, Butterworths (1988).

W. Hume-Rothery; The structures of alloys of iron : an elementary introduction, Pergamon Press, Oxford (1966).

I.J. Polmear; Light alloys : metallurgy of the light metals– 4th Edition, Halsted Press, New York (2006).

C.T. Sims and W.C. Hagel; The superalloys, John Wiley & Sons, New York (1972).

C. Hammond and J. Nutting; The physical metallurgy of superalloys and titanium alloys. Metal Science 11(10):474-490 October 1977 Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

The Copper Development Association; Equilibrium diagrams : selected copper alloy diagrams illustrating the major types of phase transformation.., Potters Bar (1993).

E.M. Savitskii and A. Prince; Handbook of precious metals ISBN: 0891167099, Hemisphere, New York (1989).

A. Prince, G.V. Raynor and D.S. Evans; Phase diagrams of ternary gold alloys ISBN: 0904357503, Institute of Metals, London (1990).

R.M. Brick, A.W. Pense and R.B. Gordon; Structure and properties of engineering materials., McGraw-Hill, New York (1977).

D.P. Hanley, Introduction to the selection of engineering materials ISBN: 0442304315.

M.M. Farag; Materials and process selection in engineering ISBN: 0853348243, Applied Science, London (1979).

R.A. Flinn and P.K. Trojan; Engineering materials and their applications – 4th Edition, Houghton Mifflin, Boston MA (1990).

D.R. Askeland; The science and engineering of materials – 3rd SI Edition, Chapman and Hall, London (1996).

W.D. Callister Jr.; Materials Science and Engineering: an Introduction– 5th Edition, Wiley, New York (2000).

E.C. Rollason; Metallurgy for engineers ISBN: 0713132825– 4th Edition, Edward Arnold, London (1973).

N.F. Stoloff and V.K. Sikka; “Physical metallurgy and processing of intermetallic compounds ISBN: 0412989719”, Kluwer (1995).

J.H. Westbrook; Structural applications of intermetallic compounds ISBN: 0471612421 (pbk.) : No price; 0471608149 (set), John Wiley & Sons; (2000)


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