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Module Reading List

Integrated Circuit Design, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr. Paul Steenson
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Introduction to VLSI circuits and systems by JP Uyemura (main), - Primary resource    

Chip design for submicron VLSI : CMOS layout and simulation, by JP Uyemura, - May help with CAD work / exercise

Introduction to VLSI Systems: A Logic, Circuits and Systems Perspective, by Ming-Bo Lin - Expensive, more comprehensive and deeper coverage than Uyemura - a substitute core work and I think there may be a Chinese language version which may help clarify concepts where uncommon phrases / examples are referred to and hard to follow in any English language treatment. When it comes to assessment it is obviously imperative that any answers given by the student seek to explain the concepts in clear technically appropriate English.

Principles of Semiconductor Devices, by S Dimitrijev - very much an optional text which focusses on semiconductor device models for the most enthusiastic student or someone interested in how transistor models are used to predice accurate device performance under a range of more extreme operating envelopes or fabrication extremes.

Inevitably these are all "old" texts as the field moves exceptionally fast but the technology tends to be incremental and builds upon tried and tested and well understood principles which the Introduction to VLSI circuits and systems covers very well, at an introductory but important level.

Introduction to VLSI systems : a logic, circuit, and system perspective ISBN: 9781439897324 (e-book) – Ming-BO Lin, CRC Press, 2011.



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