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Module Reading List

Seismic Fundamentals and Acquisition, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Mark Hildyard
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Main text:

Liner, Christopher L. Elements of 3D seismology . Published:Tulsa, Okla. : PennWell, c2004.

Sheriff & Geldert Exploration Seismology 2nd Edn CUP

Yilmaz, Özdogan; Stephen M. Doherty, editor. Seismic data analysis : processing, inversion, and interpretation of seismic data. Tulsa, OK : Society of Exploration Geophysicists, c2001.2nd ed.

Verschuur, D.J. (2006). Seismic multiple removal techniques : past, present and future . EAGE Publications, Houten, Netherlands. 

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Other texts:

Cox, M. J.G. 1999. Static corrections for seismic reflection surveys , Geophysical reference series, vol. 9 , SEG, Tulsa, USA

Hatton et al Seismic data processing : theory and practice Blackwell

Processing Near-Surface Seismic-Reflection Data: A Primer. Gregory Baker, SEG Course Notes (1999)

Mavko, G., Mukerji, T., & Dvorkin, J. (1998) The rock physics handbook. Cambridge University Press.

Avseth, P., Mukerji, T., & Mavko, G. (2005) Quantitative seismic interpretation: applying rock physics tools to reduce interpretation uncertainty. Cambridge University Press

Bacon, M., Simm, R. & Redshaw, T. 2003. 3-D seismic interpretation . Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

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