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Module Reading List

Humanity, Animality and Globality, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Diane Morgan
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

One of the many books in The Animal Series by Reaktion books e.g “The Cow”, “The Dog”, “The Cat”, “The Horse”, “The Fly”….***********

Adams, R Watership Down

Adorno, Th. “The Idea of Natural History”    

Agamben, G The Open: Man and Animal

Aloi, G Speculative Taxidermy: Natural History, Animal Surfaces and Art in the Anthropocene

Bailly, J-C Le versant animal 

Ballard J.G The Drowned World

Berger, J About Looking which includes “Why Look at Animals?”

Blake, C. Molloy & S. Shakespeare (co-ed.) Beyond Human (2012)

Braidotti, R Posthuman Knowledge

Calarco, M. & Atterton,P (ed) Animal Philosophy (2004)

Cavalieri,P (ed) The Death of the Animal

Christopher, J The Death of Grass

Coccia, E La vie des plantes

Coccia, E Métamorphoses

Coetzee, J.M The Lives of Animals

Cohen, J.J. Stone: An Ecology of the Inhuman

Dayan, C With Dogs at the Edge of Life and The Law is a White Dog

Derrida, J The Animal that Therefore I am (2002)

Derrida, J “On Cosmopolitanism

Donaldson, S & Kymlicka Zoopolis: A Political Theory of Animal Rights

Fontenay de E. Le silence des bêtes

Fuller, B Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth (and other writings) 

Ghosh, A The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable

Gruchow, P The Necessity of Empty Places   

Hamilton, C Requiem for a Species: Why we resist the truth about climate change

Hamilton, C Defiant Earth

Hamilton, C., Bonneuil, C., & Gemenne,F.: The Anthropocene and the Global Environmental Crisis

Haraway, D The Haraway Reader

Haraway, D Primate Visions

Haraway, D Simians, Cyborgs and Women  

Haraway, D Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene

Ibsen, H The Wild Duck

Kafka, F. “A Report to an Academy”, “Metamorphosis”, “Investigations of a Dog”, “The Burrow”, The Giant Mole” 

Kant, I Selections from Political Writings, Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View, Critique of Judgement & Lecture on Ethics.

Kipling, R Just So Stories

Knight, E Lassie Come Home

Kohn, E How Forests Think

Latour B. eg. Facing Gaia

Latour, B Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime

Lee, Harper To Kill a Mockingbird

Lestel, D Les origines animales de la culture

MacCormack, P. (ed.) The Animal Catalyst (2014)

Marder, M The Philosopher’s Plant

Marder, M  Plant-Thinking

Macfarlane, R Underland

Milligan, T Animal Ethics: the basics

Morgan, D. & Banham,G Cosmopolitics and the Emergence of the Future

Morgan, D. “The camel (the ship of the desert)”, “Fluid Geography”, “Globality”, Cosmopolitics in the Work of Immanuel Kant” in The Epistemology of Utopia ed. da Silva (2013)

Morgan, D “Globus terraqueus: Cosmopolitan law and “fluid geography” in the Utopian Thinking of Immanuel Kant and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon” in Law and the Utopian Imagination ed A Sarat et al (Stanford UP 2014)

Morizot, B Manières d’être vivant

Morizot, B Sur la piste animale

Oliver, K Animal Lives: How they teach us to be human

Pick, A Creaturely Poetics

Poliquin, R The Breathless Zoo: Taxidermy and the Culture of Longing

Power, R The Overstory

Sewell, A Black Beauty

Singer, P In Defense of Animals

Smith, A Moon Dust

Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty “Planetarity” in Death of a Discipline

Tsing, A L: The Mushroom at the End of the World: On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins

Turner, A. Taxidermy (2013)

Tyer, T (ed) Parallax 38 “Animal Beings”

Wallace-Wells, D The Uninhabitable Earth

Weisman, A The World Without Us

Wyndham, J The Day of the Triffids

Wolfe, C Animal Rites

Wolfe, C What is Posthumanism?

Zalasiewicz, J The Earth After Us

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