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Module Reading List

Science and Society: The Critical Interface, 2021/22, Semester 2
Dr Terry Kee
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

CHEM2200 – Reading List

The following should be read before the lecture each week.  Allow at least one hour per reading to ensure that you properly understand it.  If you are having any difficulties with the readings, email Kevin (

Week 14: No reading

Week 15: Peter Singer, Practical Ethics, second edition, chapter 3. 

Week 16: Jonathan Wolff, Five Types of Risky Situation, Law, Innovation and Technology, 2(2), 2010, 151-163 

Week 17: Garret Hardin, Tragedy of the Commons, Science 162(3859), pp. 1243-1248, 1968

Week 18: Lawlor, R, Delaying Obsolescence, Science and Engineering Ethics, 21(2), 2014

Week 19: no reading

Week 20: Ben Goldacre on TED

Goldacre on Tamiflu

Goldacre on drug trials

Goldacre on statins

Goldacre on doctors’ interests

Week 21: Savulescu and Foddy, A Moral Argument against the War on Drugs (2012), Practical Ethics Blog, University of Oxford AND Dworkin, Is More Choice Better than Less? Midwest Studies in Philosophy, 7(2), 1982

Week 22: Hettinger Justifying Intellectual Property, Philosophy and Public Affairs, 18.

Week 23: Kitcher, Science, Truth and Democracy, Chapter 7, “The Myth of Purity”  

Week 24: No reading

The attachments are for reading solely in relation to this module.  Please read them in your browser rather than downloading them and then return to this page after reading them.

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