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Module Reading List

Cultural Flashpoints in the Performing Arts, 2021/22
Dr Phil Kiszely
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

General and Methods

Bennett, T & Frow, J (eds)  2008. The Sage Handbook of Cultural Analysis, London, Sage 

Billington, R 1991, Culture and Society, London Macmillan

Bordwell, D & K. Thompson. 2004. Film Art: an introduction  

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Williams. R 1981. Culture, Fontana, Glasgow

Williams R. 1990. Culture & Society: Coleridge to Orwell, London: Hogarth Press    

International Index for the Performing Arts (providing access to innumerable journals, articles etc is available on-line through the Library Electronic Resources.


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Bordo, S. 1993. Unbearable Weight: Feminism, Western Culture and the Body

Bryson, V. 2003. Feminist Political Theory: An Introduction  

Butler, Judith. 1990. Gender Trouble  

Caine, Barbara. English Feminism: 1780-1980

Cashmore, Ernest. 1989. Class Race and Gender since the War

De beauvoir, Simone. 1953/1997. The Second Sex

Friedan, B. 1971/1992. The Feminine Mystique  

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Young, I. M. 2005. On Female Body Experience: Throwing Like a Girl and Other Essays


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Date-specific materials


Allsop, Kenneth. 1958. The Angry Decade.

Amis, Kingsley. 1954. Lucky Jim

Black, Lawrence. 2010. Redefining British politics: culture, consumerism and participation, 1954-70

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Sight & Sound, Vols. 25 – 38

The New Left Review. All vols. From the 1960s

Aldgate, Anthony (ed.) 2000. Windows on the Sixties: exploring key texts of media and culture  

Armes, Roy. 1978. A Critical History of British Cinema

Anderson, Lindsay. 2004. Never Apologise: the collected writings

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Collins, Marcus. 2012. ‘Sucking in the ‘70s? The Rolling Stones and the aftermath of the Permissive Society’ in Popular Music History Vol.7, No.1

Donnelly, Mark. 2005. Sixties Britain: culture, politics, society

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Hewing, Wendy. PDF. British Film in the 1960s

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Home, Stewart. 1995. Cranked Up Really High: genre theory and punk rock

Kerr, Joe & Andrew Gibson. 2003. London from Punk to Blair

Kiszely, Philip 2012. First Wave on Film’ Punk & Post-Punk Issue 2:1    

Kiszely, Philip 2013. ‘A Cool Reception to the American Beat’ Popular Music History Issue 7:1

Kunsthalle Wien, Gerald (ed.) 2008. Punk. No one is innocent: art, style, revolt 

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Wilcox, Claire. 2004. Vivienne Westwood



Bret, David. 1994. Morrissey: landscapes of the mind – a biography

Goddard, Michael (ed.) 2010. Mark E. Smith and the Fall: art, music and politics

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Joynson, Vernon. Up Yours! A guide to UK punk, new wave, and early post-punk 

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Townsend, Alan & Jim Lewis. The North-South Divide: regional change in Britain in the 1980s  

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1990s & 2000s

Bock, Jannika. 2012. Riot Grrrl: A feminist re-interpretation of the punk narrative

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Redhead, Steve. 1993. Rave Off: politics and deviance in contemporary youth culture  

Reynolds Simon. 1999. Generation Ecstasy – Into the World of Techno and Rave Culture

Rietveld, Hillegonda. 1998. This is Our House: House Music, Cultural Spaces and Technologies

Wilson, Brian. 2006. Fight Flight or Chill


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