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Module Reading List

Architectural History and Theory 2, 2021/22, Semester 1
Mr. Justin Lunn ARB
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Core reading:

Curtis, W. (1982). Modern architecture since 1900 ISBN: 0714821993. Phaidon.   

Frampton, K. (1980). Modern Architecture: A critical history. Thames & Hudson.

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Architecture & Engineering:

Banham, R. (1976). Megastructure : urban futures of the recent past ISBN: 0500272050. Thames & Hudson

Banham, R. (1984). The architecture of the well-tempered environment. University of Chicago Press.

Banham, R. (1986). A concrete Atlantis : U.S. industrial building and European modern architecture, 1900-1925 ISBN: 0262022443. MIT Press.

Frampton, K. (1995). Studies in tectonic culture : the poetics of construction in nineteenth and twentieth century architecture ISBN: 0262561492 (pbk.) : No price; 0262061732 (cased) : No price. MIT Press.

Le Corbusier (1927). Towards a new architecture. The Architectural Press, London.

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Art & Architecture:

Banham, R. (1960). Theory & design in the first machine age. MIT Press.

Nash, J. M. (1974). Cubism, futurism and constructivism. Thames & Hudson, London.

Read, H. (1968). A concise history of modern painting. Thames & Hudson, London.

Rossi, A. (1984). The architecture of the city ISBN: 0262181010. MIT Press.

Venturi, R. (1966). Complexity & contradiction in architecture. MoMA Papers in Architecture.

Venturi, R. and Scott-Brown, D. (1977). Learning from Las Vegas. MIT Press.

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Giedon, S, (1941). Space, Time & Architecture. Harvard University Press.

Pevsner, N. (1968). The Sources of Modern Architecture and Design. Thames & Hudson.

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