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Module Reading List

Testing, Quality Assurance, Repair and Maintenance of Concrete Structures, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Phil Purnell
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


  1. Advanced concrete technology : testing and quality ISBN: 0750651067 (1st Edition). Editors: John Newman and Ban Seng Choo, Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann, 2003.  
  2. Improving concrete quality ISBN: 9781466592131 (e-book : PDF); 9781466592124 (hardback): (1st Edition). Karthikeyan H Obla, Publisher: CRC Press, 2014
  3. Testing of concrete in Structures, 4th Edition, John H. Bungey, Michael G. Grantham, CRC Press, 2018.
  4. Inspection and Monitoring Techniques for Bridges and Civil Structures, 1st Edition, G Fu, Woodhead Publishing, 2015.'
  5. Life-Cycle of Structural Systems: Design, Assessment, Maintenance and Management, 1sr Edition, Hitoshi Furuta, Dan M. Frangopol, Mitsuyoshi Akiyama, CRC Press, 2014.

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Concrete Society Reports:

  1. TR 54: Diagnosis of deterioration in concrete structures: identification of defects, evaluation and development of remedial action (Publication Year: 2000) Construction Information Service
  2. Enhancing the capacity of concrete bridges (Publication Year: 2008) Construction Information Service
  3. Guidance on the assessment of concrete bridges (Publication Year: 2007) Construction Information Service
  4. TR50: Guide to surface treatments for protection and enhancement of concrete (Publication Year: 1997) Construction Information Service
  5. TR69: Repair of concrete structures with reference to BS EN 1504 (Publication Year: 2009) Construction Information Service
  6. Concrete on site 12 - Health and safety (Publication Year: 2015) Construction Information Service
  7. TR38- Patch repair of reinforced concrete - subject to reinforcement corrosion. Model specification and method of measurement (Publication Year: 1991) Construction Information Service

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Concrete Repair Association- Advice Notes:

  1. The route to a successful concrete repair (2nd Edition), 2009 Construction Information Service
  2. Standard Method of Measurement for Concrete Repair (3rd Edition) 2015 Construction Information Service

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