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The Essential Reading List

Identities, Inequalities and Policy in Contemporary Society, 2021/22, Semester 1
Dr Nick Piper
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Unit 1 and through the course

So this is Sociology and Social Policy

Wright Mills C 1959, The sociological imagination Oxford University Press, London.     

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Unit 2 - Racial identities

Back, L. and Solomos, J. (eds.) (2000) Theories of Race and Racism: A Reader, London: Routledge.     

Mason, D. (2000), Race and Ethnicity in Modern Britain, Oxford, Oxford.       

Ratcliffe, P. (2004), ‘Race’, Ethnicity and Difference, Open University, London.  

Sage, London.  

Solomos, J. (2003) Race and Racism in Contemporary Britain: Third Edition, Basingstoke: Palgrave  



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Unit 3 - Racial resistance

Lewis, D.L., Eagles, C.W., (1986), The Civil Rights Movement in America: essays, University Press of Mississippi, Jackson.  


Robert, W. (1990), Freedom Bound: A History of America’s Civil Rights Movement, Plume, New York.      



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Unit 4 - Ethnic and religious identities 

Allen, C. ‘From Race to Religion: the New Face of Discrimination’, in Allen, C. (2010) Islamophobia, Farnham: Ashgate.  


Bravo-Lopez, F. (2011) ‘Towards a definition of Islamophobia: approximations of the earlytwentieth century’, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 34(4): 556-73.  


Hussain, Yasmin and Bagguley, Paul (2012) ‘Securitized citizens: Islamophobia, racism and the 7/7 London bombings’, The Sociological Review, 60(4): 715-734.  


Runnymede Trust. 1997/2003. Islamophobia: a challenge for us all. London: Runnymede Trust.  


 Sayyid S. (2015) “A Measure of Islamophobia” Islamophobia Studies Journal, Vol. 2, Issue 1,pp. 10-25.  



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Unit 5 - Identity and why it matters

Hall, Stuart. (1996). Who Needs Identity? In Stuart Hall and Paul du Gay et al (eds.) Questions of Cultural Identity. London: Sage Publications  


Woodward, Kath. (2004). Questioning Identity: gender, class, ethnicity  (Second edition.). Routledge. (Chapter 1: Questions of Identity, pp.6-41) E-book     


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Unit 6 - Religious identity in the postmodern era

Berry, P. (2004). Postmodernism and post-religion. In S. Connor (Ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Postmodernism (Cambridge Companions to Literature, pp. 168-181). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/CCOL0521640520.009


Carp, R. (2010). Resilient Religion: Media, the Senses, and Religion in Postcolonial Postmodernity: Aesthetic Formations: Media, Religion, and the Senses. The Senses & Society5(2), 263–.


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Unit 7 - Food consumption and everyday life

Barthes, R., 1972. Steak and chips. A. Lavers, trans.), in: Mythologies, pp.62-4. OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (chg 28/10/2020)   

Mansvelt, J..2005. Geographies of Consumption. Sage. Chapter 4 (Identities).  

Piper, N., 2015. Jamie Oliver and cultural intermediation. Food, Culture & Society18(2), pp.245-264.  

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Unit 8  - Introduction to public policy

Knill, C., & Tosun, J. (2012). Public policy : a new introduction , Palgrave Macmillan. (Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Introduction)      

Kraft, M., & Furlong, S. (2013). Public policy : politics, analysis, and alternatives (Fourth edition.). SAGE. (Chapter 1 Public Policy and Politics pp1-33, and the section of Instruments of public policy in Chapter 3: pp103-109     Available as Online Course Reading in Minerva

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Unit 9 - Policy process

Kraft, M., & Furlong, S. (2013). Public policy : politics, analysis, and alternatives (Fourth edition.). SAGE. (the section of The Policy Process Model in Chapter 3: pp85-102 )     Available as Online Course Reading in Minerva   

Araral, E., Fritzen, S., Howlett, M., Ramesh, M., & Wu, X. (2013). Routledge Handbook of Public Policy. Routledge. (Chapter 2 The policy-making process)     

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Unit 10 - Public Policy beyond the nation-state

Knill, C., & Tosun, J. (2012). Public policy : a new introduction, Palgrave Macmillan. (Chapter 10 Public policy beyond the nation-state)     


Stone, D., & Ladi, S. (2015). Global public policy and transnational administration.  Public Administration, 93(4), 839-855.  

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Unit 11 - Module recap 








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