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5501M Performance Design Praxis

Performance Design Praxis, 2021/22, Semester 1, 2
Dr Scott Palmer
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

PECI5501M Reading List

Essential Reading

Aronson, A. 2018. The Routledge companion to scenography ISBN: 9781138917804 (hbk.); 113891780X (hbk.)  London: Routledge [available as e-book]    

Baugh, C. 2013.  Theatre, performance and technology : the development and transformation of scenography ISBN: 9781137005847 (paperback); 9781137005854 (hardback) : £55.00, (2nd edition) Basingstoke: Palgrave  [available as e-book]

Collins, J. & Nisbet, A. (eds.) 2010. Theatre and performance design : a reader in scenography ISBN: 9780415432108 (pbk.) : £22.99; 9780415432092 (hbk.) : £70.00; 041543209X (hbk.) : £70.00; 0415432103 (pbk.) : £22.99,  Abingdon,Oxon: Routledge [available as e-book]

Dixon, S. 2007.  Digital Performance: a history of new media in theater, dance, performance art, and installation, MIT Press [available as e-book]  

Hannah D. & Harsløf O. (eds) 2008. Performance Design Museum Tusculanum Press: Copenhagen    

McKinney, J & Butterworth, P 2009.  The Cambridge introduction to scenography ISBN: 0521612322 (pbk.) : £15.99; 9780521847650 (hbk.) : £45.00; 0521847656 (hbk.) : £45.00; 9780521612326 (pbk.) : £15.99, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.  [available as e-book]

McKinney, J & Palmer, S. (eds) 2017. Scenography expanded : an introduction to contemporary performance design ISBN: 9781474244398 paperback; 1474244394 paperback; 9781474244381 hardcover; 1474244386 hardcover London: Bloomsbury Methuen  [available as e-book]

Palmer, S. 2013. Light : Readings in Theatre Practice, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan    

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Further Reading 

Abulafia, Yaron. 2015. The art of light on stage : lighting in contemporary theatre ISBN: 9781138913653 (hardback : alk. paper); 9781138913684 (pbk. : alk. paper); 9781315691305 (ebook). London: Routledge [available as eBook] 

Alston, A. & Welton, M. 2017. Theatre in the dark : shadow, gloom and blackout in contemporary theatre ISBN: 9781350099401, London: Bloomsbury Methuen 

Aronson, A. 2018. The History and Theory of Environmental Scenography (2nd edition) New York: Bloomsbury Methuen [available as e-book] 

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Hannah, Dorita. 2018. Event space : theatre architecture and the historical avant-garde ISBN: 9780415832175 (pbk.) : £24.99; 9780415832168 (hbk.) : £75.00; 9780203491553 (PDF ebook) : £24.99 London: Routledge.       

Howard, Pamela, 2009.  What is Scenography? (2nd ed.) Abingdon,Oxon: Routledge [available as eBook]

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Westling, Carina E., 2020. Immersion and Participation in Punchdrunk's Theatre, London: Bloomsbury Methuen [available as eBook] 

Key Journals

Theatre and Performance Design – Routledge [available as electronic resource]

Scene – Intellect [available as electronic resource]   

Performance Research: A Journal of the Performing Arts Volume 18, Issue 3, 2013 Special Issue: On Scenography DOI:10.1080/13528165.2013.818343 [available online]    

International Journal of Performance Arts & Digital Media [available online]

Digital Creativity. [available online]  

Body, Space & Technology [online] 

The Scenographer

Studies in Theatre and Performance Intellect – (see Studies in Theatre Production) now Taylor & Francis [available as electronic resource]

Contemporary Theatre Review (CTR) [available as electronic resource]

Theater Design & Technology – US-based trade publication with occasional useful interviews/features. Print copies only

New Theatre Quarterly [available as electronic resource]

Theatre Research International [available as electronic resource]

Total Theater [up to 2012] Print copies only.

Further readings will be identified as appropriate according to the development of the module – these will be listed in the appropriate week folder in the module area of Minerva.

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