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Module Reading List

Global Perspectives, 2021/22, Semester 1
Rosa Mas Giralt
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

** Highly recommended. 

Global studies 

Campbell, O.J., Mackinnon, A. and Stevens, C.R. 2010. An introduction to global studies ISBN: 9781405187367 (pbk.) : £19.99; 1405187360 (pbk.) : £19.99. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.**

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Snarr, M.T. and Snarr, D.N. (eds) 2016. Introducing Global Issues. 6th ed. London: Boulder.** 

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Global citizenship

Cabrera, L. 2010. The practice of global citizenship ISBN: 9780521128100; 0521128102. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press.

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Dower, N. 2002. Global citizenship: yes or no? In: Dower, N. and Williams J.(eds) Global citizenship : a critical reader. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. pp. 30-40. ** Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva   OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (PR 30/09/2021) 

Isin, E.F. & Nyers, P. (eds) 2014. Routledge handbook of global citizenship studies [electronic resource]  Abingdon: Routledge.

Kostakopoulou, D. 2008. The future governance of citizenship ISBN: 9780521701785 (pbk.) : £23.99; 9780521877992 (cased) : £60.00; 0521877997 (cased) : £60.00; 0521701783 (pbk.) : £23.99. Cambridge; New York: Cambridge University Press. 

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Globalization studies

Bauman, Z. 1998. Globalization : the human consequences ISBN: 0745620132; 0745620124. Cambridge: Polity Press.

James, P. and Steger, M.B. 2014. ‘ A genealogy of ‘Globalization’: The Career of a concept. Globalizations. 11(4): 417-34.

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Globalization: economic, political and cultural perspectives

Achbar, M. and Abbot, J. 2005. The Corporation. [videorecording]. England: Metrodome distribution.

Bauman, Z. 2011. Collateral damage : social inequalities in a global age ISBN: 9780745652955 (pb); 9780745652948; 0745652948; 0745652956 (pb). Cambridge: Polity.

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Morrison, J. 2011. National Economies and the Global Environment. In: Morrison, J. The global business environment: meeting the challenges, 3rd ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. pp.77-116. (Available as a pdf on the VLE – Online course readings folder)

Smith, A.; Stenning, A. and Willis, K. 2008. Social justice and neoliberalism : global perspectives ISBN: 9781842779200. London: Zed.

Steger, M.B. 2010. Neoliberalism: a very short introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Solimano, A. 2016. Global capitalism in disarray: inequality, debt, and austerity ISBN: 9780190626303 (ebook) : No price Oxford Scholarship Online.

Warwick-Booth, L. 2013. Social inequality. Los Angeles: SAGE.**

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Intergovernmental organizations (IGO) and/or non-governmental organizations 

Baylis, J., Smith, S. and Owens, P. 2017. The globalization of world politics: an introduction to international relations. 7th ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press. *Other editions also available from the library. 

Bond, M. 2012. The backlash against NGOs. In Lechner, F.J. and Boli, J. (eds). The Globalization Reader. 4th ed. Malden, Oxford, Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell. pp. 318-323. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva    

Campbell, O.J., Mackinnon, A. and Stevens, C.R. 2010. International Organizations. In: Campbell, O.J., Mackinnon, A. and Stevens, C.R. An introduction to global studies. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 51-86. **

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Andersson, R. 2014. Illegality, inc: clandestine migration and the business of bordering Europe ISBN: 9780520282513 (hardback); 9780520282520 (paper); 9780520958289 (e-book). Oakland: University of California Press.

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Transnational/Global crime

Albanese, J. S. and Reichel, P. L. 2014. Transnational organized crime: an overview from six continents ISBN: 9781452290072. Los Angeles: SAGE.**

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Space and place

Cresswell, T. 2015. Place [electronic resource]: an introduction ISBN: 9781118574164 29.99 (NL). 2nd ed. Chichester: Wiley. **

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Global Environment

Attfield, R. 2015. Ethics of the global environment . 2nd ed. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

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Relevant Journals

Global-e: a Global Studies Journal

Global Networks


New global studies ISSN: 1940-0004; 2194-6566  

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